Quinn's Unofficial ImagineFun Super Guide to Everything V. Alpha


A fun feature built into each attraction in ImagineFun is that of a user leaderboard system that counts the amount of times you've been on them! They can be enabled in /settings.

Some view these leaderboards as a challenge and want to climb to the Top Rider spot for their favorite attractions. Others ignore them entirely. It's all up to you on how you want to spend your time on ImagineFun!

The only reward for being at the top of a ride's leaderboard is bragging rights. If you're in the official ImagineFun Discord server, you'll also have a special rank that highlights you as a Top Rider.

Each attraction has its own set of leaderboards, which are displayed outside of them, often next to its entrance or queue. These are split into two separate boards – Weekly and Yearly. Weekly leaderboards, as their name implies, resets everyone back to 0 rides on Monday. The Yearly ones last throughout the entire year and only reset on New Years Day.

There also exists an Overall leaderboard, which ranks players based on their overall rides on a certain attraction. This leaderboard will never be reset, unlike the Weekly and Yearly ones. These will be given a space on the server to be displayed in the future.

Alternative Leaderboards

Some rides have additional or alternative leaderboards. This includes:

There are also two leaderboards found in the Esplanade, out front of the Disneyland entrance, tracking Weekly and Yearly complete ride time.

Parkour Maps also have their own leaderboards, tracking the fastest time players have managed to complete them at!

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