Quinn's Unofficial ImagineFun Super Guide to EverythingV. A-2.0
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One of the main features of ImagineFun is that of its audio client, AudioPass, which pumps in the real music and sounds of the parks for an immersive experience on the server.

To get access to the audio client, you'll need an internet browser; Google Chrome is the most recommended browser. In game, use the /audio command to generate your audio session, which will tie to your in-server location and activity. Click the printed-out text in the chat box and confirm opening the website in your internet browser.

Once you have the client open, click the web page to finish connecting to the session. Once that's done, audio should start playing based on where you are on the server!

You can adjust your audio volume by dragging a slider on the client itself, or by using a command in-game. (/volume <number>) AudioPass is all or nothing, unfortunately – you cannot customize the priority of music over sound effects, or vice versa.

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