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Server Basics

ImagineFun is a Minecraft server dedicated to a faithful 1:1 recreation of the Disneyland Resort. This includes Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and other parts of the resort!

Available on the server is a custom audio client tailor-streamed to you based on your location (requires an internet browser), on-ride photos*, in-server events, character meet and greets, score and leaderboards, various parkour maps, various items, collectibles, and cosmetics, a user marketplace, and more!

IF has been in active development since 2018, and is constantly being worked on by its dedicated team of builders and coders, Imagineers and cast members!

How to Join

ImagineFun runs off of Minecraft Java Edition Version 1.19.3 at the IP address mc.imaginefun.net.

Currently, there is no Bedrock version of the server; you must have Java Edition to play on the server.

There is a custom Resource Pack (RP) that must be downloaded upon joining, as it contains all of the necessary textures and models required to fully enjoy IF. This is done through Minecraft and does not require any external downloads.

If you are having issues with the RP, please refer to the Troubleshooting page for help.

Server Rules

The following rules are verbatim from the server. Refusal to follow these rules will result in a server mute or ban!

Click on each rule to see more information.

Rule 1: Treat all guests and staff with respect

We are a diverse community and exclusionary language will not be tolerated. We do not allow abusive or harmful language, including but not limited to:

  • Racism
  • Sexism
  • Ableism
  • Slurs of any kind

Rule 2: Be appropriate and respectful

Content shared must be appropriate and respectful for guests of all ages. Discussion in channels must be on-topic for that channel. We have some younger guests who are not aware of what is appropriate to share with strangers. For this reason, we do not allow:

  • Swearing/profanity
  • Sharing of personal information, including but not limited to:
    • Social profiles
    • Address/location information
    • Photos
  • Discussion of sensitive or controversial topics, including but not limited to:
    • Politics
    • Religion
    • Mental Illness
    • Drugs/Substance Abuse
    • Intimate Subjects
  • E-Dating
  • Inappropriate skins
  • Inappropriate usernames/nicknames
  • Disruptive or loud chat
  • Spamming characters
  • Chain spam

Rule 3: No promotion, advertising, cross-posting of any kind

Do not promote servers/services/games/personal projects in chat. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Social profiles
  • Gamer tags/profiles
  • Discord links
  • Minecraft servers
  • Game room codes

Rule 4: To maintain integrity of the game and experience, no exploits are allowed

ImagineFun highly values the integrity of the game and virtual park experience. To maintain this integrity, the following are not allowed:

  • Hacked clients
  • Macros/scripts
  • Auto clickers
  • AFK Farming
  • Use of alternate accounts
  • Gaining access to backstage areas

Rule 5: Rules are enforced by staff who issue punishment and hear appeals

ImagineFun staff monitor Discord and in-server behavior and will issue punishments when rules are broken. Please do not "Mini Mod" -- if you see an issue please raise it with staff by DM or with /report

  • Staff members will use their best judgement and have full authority to enforce punishments. Punishments may include:
    • Temporary or permanent loss of chat privileges
    • Temporary or permanent loss of server privileges
    • Loss of in-game currency or items

Rule 6: Do not debate punishments; follow the appeal process

Appeals are reviewed regularly and can be submitted at https://imaginefun.net/appeal - you can also get this link in-game at /appeal.

We are all humans and occasionally make mistakes - the appeal process is exactly for that. Plead your case and be as specific as possible as to what happened and why you think the punishment is not justified. Check back to see if your punishment was lifted.

Online staff members can not help expedite your appeal, please do not try to debate rule enforcement with them. Discussion of your punishment or a friend's punishment in chat is not allowed and may result in an extension of the punishment.

Rule 7: Due to the volume of staff applications and appeals, staff are not able to provide status / notification of results

There are a handful of staff online at any given time, and hundreds of guests! We're sorry, we are not able to notify you with the results of your staff application or appeal.

For appeals, check back regularly and see if your punishment has been lifted.

For staff applications, you will be contacted if we'd like to interview you. If you do not hear about an interview after 30 days, please apply again to let us know you're still interested!

Please do not ask online staff about the status of your appeal of application. Thank you!

Rule 8: For behavior that falls outside the scope of these rules, staff will use their best judgement

Staff are encouraged and allowed to use their judgement and issue punishments for any behavior deemed unacceptable that is not explicitly defined in these rules. Use the appeal process if you believe a punishment was not justified. https://imaginefun.net/appeal

Server Info

Upon joining ImagineFun, you'll arrive to The Hub, which provides portals and warps to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, as well as Sleeping Beauty Castle!

There are two main servers that ImagineFun is housed in: the standard server, with both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure in one place, and a Retro server, which consists of rides that cannot fit onto the main server for whatever purpose. Many old rides end up here, including a bug's land from DCA.

The one alternate server on ImagineFun is the DVC server, open to those who have the DVC rank. A unique feature of this server is a further draw distance than on the standard server, which may be of interest to those who like to do in-game photography.

Every night at 12 AM PST, all ImagineFun servers go down for a routine reset. This only lasts a few minutes.

Closed Attractions List

The following attractions are currently closed in ImagineFun. The intent is to bring all rides in the park into the server, so please be patient as the server's Imagineers are hard at work making this a reality!

Server Ranks

Upon entering the server, you are considered a Guest, with a gray name. This is your server rank, which can be upgraded in a multitude of ways. By upgrading your rank, you will be granted additional features and functions, ranging from Coin Multipliers to special privileges.

Up for sale on the Buy Store is IF+, a subscription-based rank that provides even more special features!

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