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Buena Vista Street

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As you enter Disney California Adventure, you're transported back in time to 1920s Burbank, California, to the moment in time Walt Disney himself arrived in the state! Be careful as you walk about, as the city's trolley system is running and transporting guests to and fro. If you keep your ears to the ground, you might also spot a live band playing a few old classics!

Sub-Areas and Landmarks

Carthay Circle Theatre

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The Carthay Circle Theatre is home to a swanky sit-down restaurant, where you can hear jazz piano renditions of your favorite Disney songs! It is modeled after the real-world Carthay Circle Theatre, where the premiere of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves was held in 1937!

Clarabelle's Ice Cream

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Clarabelle's Ice Cream is home to, well, ice cream! Come get the classic Mickey Mouse ice cream bar, or maybe try some coffee at the next-door Starbucks!

Elias and Co.

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Five and Dime

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Kingswell Camera Shop

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Owsald's Gas

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Storytellers Statue

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Trolley Treats

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Red Car Trolley

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Ride Info
Average Ride Time
5:00 (?)
Average Payout
? KC
Max № of Riders

Get around town on a classy electric trolley! Based on the real-world Pacific Electric Railway vehicles, these transport guests up and down Buena Vista Street, Hollywood Land, and Avengers Campus!

The Red Car Trolleys act similar to rides like the Main Street Carriages and the Jolly Trolley. You can use them to get around places, but you'll only get paid out for a full ride from one end to another.

The Trolleys have four stops: their loading point at the park entrance, Carthay Circle on Buena Vista Street, the Animation Academy in Hollywood Land, and the Hollywood Land-Avengers Campus border.

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