Quinn's Unofficial ImagineFun Super Guide to EverythingV. A-2.0
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Buy Store

Through the ImagineFun Buy Store, you can purchase things such as item packs or server ranks through real-world money!

You can open the Buy Store menu with /buy; while you can browse through the categories and see the prices they go for, all purchases are done through the ImagineFun store. Clicking on an item in this menu will print out a link to click in the chat box, which will take you directly to the store on your internet browser.

Not only can you purchase these goodies for yourself, but you can also purchase them as gifts for other players!

(All prices listed here will be the standard, non-sale prices in US Dollars. For prices in your country's currency, check the website.)


Featured on the Buy Store are server ranks, which provide additional and bonus features on the server!

If you already have a non-Guest rank on the server, you can buy upgrades to one higher than your current rank at a discounted price.

The IF Buy Store is the only way to obtain DVC or IF+, whether you purchase it for yourself or for another player.


Available on the Buy Store are single or multiple Magic Keys, for use with the Magic Crates around the server.


Bundles contain certain items that cannot be obtained anywhere else! Sometimes there are even seasonal/limited edition bundles for certain events or celebrations!

To view the contents of a bundle, go to the Bundles page on the IF store and click View on one of them!

Gift Cards

You can also purchase Gift Cards for other players – perfect for a gift for a friend on the server!

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