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Mini-Cannonball Generator

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For those looking for a challenge on the server, why not give a Mini-Cannonball a try? A Cannonball Run is a race to ride all attractions from a certain list or pool of rides, often the entirety of a whole park! The goal is to do it as quickly as possible, with the lowest time possible.

Traditionally, warping, flying, and the /speed command are not allowed, but as long as you're doing your own set Cannonball Run, you're free to make the rules as you wish!

This tool allows you to generate a "Mini-Cannonball", which is a list of ten random rides. The options below can help size down the pool as needed, if you're looking for something smaller or more casual.

(Note: This is intended for use on ImagineFun and thus only includes rides that are currently available on the server! For a real-life Mini-Cannonball generator, check out my personal site!)

Known bugs:
• When generating a single park list, the icons may be incorrect!

Rides considered long: DLRR, Nemo, PeopleMover (+10 minutes); Lincoln (wait times); Pal-A-Round (known to steal souls)

In no specific order, ride the following attractions:

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