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Daily Quest Guide

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The following is a solutions guide for all of the "Daily Quest" Objectives.

This is a Work in Progress; if we're missing something, why not let me know?

Coordinate Quests

Coordinate Quests provide you with in-game coordinates that you must travel to in order to complete them.

Agent P

-41, 63, -514Hollywood Land
-58, 61, -929Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters
-95, 63, -757Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure
4, 63, 552King Arthur Carrousel
321, 62, -744Eureka Gold Mine
426, 65, 874Star Wars Photo Ops

Decoder Quests

Decoder Quests involve you solving a code that leads you to a specific location on the server to pick up a trophy. Upon interacting with the trophy item, you will complete the quest.

Letter Scramble

Letter Scramble codes require you to take the letters given to you and rearrange them to form a word.


A1Z26 (Numbers-to-Letters)

A Numbers-to-Letters code, also known as a "A1Z26" code, pairs each letter of the alphabet with a number, in order from start to finish. As the name suggests, this makes "A" into "1" and "Z" into "26"... you might be able to figure out the rest.

13-1-20-20-5-18-8-15-18-14MATTERHORNMatterhorn Bobsleds
16-1-18-20-14-5-18-19 19-20-1-21-5PARTNERS STATUEPartners Statue
19-16-1-3-5SPACESpace Mountain
19-20-15-18-25-2-15-15-115STORYBOOKStorybook Land Canal Boats

ROT13 (Letter Rotation)

A Letter Rotation code involves taking a letter and "rotating" it a number of positions to a new one; the most common form of this is "ROT13", which involves rotating a letter thirteen paces from its original position ("A" becomes "N"). Not every Letter Rotation puzzle for Dailies is ROT13!!!

GXPER ROT23DUMBODumbo the Flying Elephant
WPYPHALZROT19PIRATESPirates of the Caribbean

Hidden Mickeys

Squarish's Hidden Mickeys Guide

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