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Downtown Disney

Warps: downtown, dtd

Connecting you from the parks to the hotels, Downtown Disney is your one stop for food, shopping, and additional live entertainment! Take a stroll through the area with a snack, or catch a top-of-the-line monorail out and back to Tomorrowland, if you so choose!

Downtown Disney is currently partially closed during the construction of the Grand Californian; the Monorail is a planned addition to Downtown Disney once it opens up for guests.

Sub-Areas and Landmarks

Bus Stop

Warps: busstop

The Bus Stop is where all buses enter and exit through, to drop off guests in real life! Past this bus depot is IHOP.

Downtown Disney Lockers

Warps: lockers

Here at the Downtown Disney Lockers, you can get locker space from Larry Lockers!

Esplanade / Park Entrance

Warps: esplanade, entrance

The Esplanade is the space in-between the Disneyland and Disney California Adventure entrances; from here, Downtown Disney is a short walk to the left (if you're facing Disneyland). This used to be the server's old spawn, before The Hub was added!

At the Esplanade, there is a Vote and Magic Crate.


Mickey & Friends Parking Tram

Warps: tramsTransport, 2000's, Constant Loading
Ride Info
Average Ride Time
9:10 (ref)
Average Payout
9 KC
Max № of Riders

Welcome to the Disneyland Resort! Hop aboard the complementary tram to get from our various parking structures to Downtown Disney, your gateway to Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure!

Getting a payout on this ride requires doing a full loop to and from the parking structure; getting off at Downtown Disney will not count as the full ride!


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