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Warps: frontierland, frontier, fl

Yeehaw pardner, welcome to the land of the wild west! Hop on a horse and trot through this 1800s pioneering town of older America! Catch a live show at the Golden Horseshoe, ride around on the Rivers of America on the grand Mark Twain, or hop on a raft and explore Tom Sawyer Island!

Sub-Areas and Landmarks

Frontierland Shootin' Exposition

Warps: shootin

Test your aim out with a rifle and fire at a graveyard-themed shooting gallery!

Step onto a pressure plate to pick up a rifle, and Right Click to fire it! The rifle will automatically leave your inventory when you stray too far from this location.

Golden Horseshoe

Warps: goldenhorseshoe

The Golden Horseshoe is part-restaurant, part-show! It holds the world record for longest running stage show, at a whopping 50,000+ plus shows! Grab some grub and enjoy a life performance here!

Pioneer Mercantile

Warps: pioneer

Dress up like one of your favorite Disney cowpokes here! Cowboy hats, raccoon caps, and even Peco Bill's own pistol can be purchased here!

Stagedoor Cafe

Warps: stagedoor

Got a hankerin' for some fish and chips? Perhaps you wanna sink your teeth into a nice corndog? Or maybe a funnel cake has your name on it... Sit your caboose down here and snack on tasty treats as you take in the atmosphere of Frontierland! Maybe you'll even spot the Mark Twain sailing from across the way!

Tom Sawyer Island

Warps: N/A

Coming Soon

Westward Ho Pin Traders

Warps: westwardho

Westward Ho Pin Traders is one of the premier spots for pin trading in the Disneyland Resort; here you can purchase pin packs and a pinbook, if you're missing one!


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Warps: bigthunder, btmThrill Ride, Roller Coaster, 1980's, Fastpass, Constant Loading, IF+ POV
Ride Info
Average Ride Time
3:20 (ref)
Average Payout
3 KC
Max № of Riders
Fastpass Station
Next to the ride entrance (262, 465)
Fastpass Return
Directly to the left of the ride entrance (286, 497)

Pass through the Rainbow Caverns and through a dinosaur fossil on this mine train-themed roller coaster. Hang onto your hats and glasses, folks, cause this here's the WILDEST RIDE IN THE WILDERNESS!

The line for Big Thunder Mountain is a fine recreation of the real-life queue, and provides a great view of the ribcage and the ghost town, but it's hard to navigate if you're not familiar with the physical ride. I highly suggest using the Fastpass system for this ride, especially if you're just trying to get through to the ride itself.

Though the ride features a dual station, the IF version of Big Thunder only launches from the ride side. The ride ends and exits on the left.

One player to a row of seats. Unlike in real life, you cannot sit side-by-side on the IF Big Thunder.

Mark Twain Riverboat

Warps: marktwain, mark, twainBoat Ride, Opening Day Attraction

Coming Soon

While the Mark Twain is currently not in operation, it is currently an explorable setpiece.

Sailing Ship Columbia

Warps: N/ABoat Ride, 1950's

Coming Soon

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