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Grizzly Peak

Warps: grizzlypeak, grizzly*, airfield

Walk through the beauty of California's natural parks as you explore Grizzly Peak! Down on the airfield you can board an aircraft and soar over the state; further up the mountain, you can spot waterfalls and go white river rafting down them! And if you're looking to get your hands dirty, why not give the Redwood Creek trails a try?

The park's only second gate is located within Grizzly Peak, connecting to the Grand Californian and Downtown Disney.

Sub-Areas and Landmarks

Eureka Gold Mine

Warps: eureka


Grizzly Pass Trail

Warps: pass

Grizzly Pass Trail is a small walking trail that wraps through the middle of Grizzly River Run. From here, you can find multiple vantage points to watch guests go by on GRR! There is also a connecting warp that will take you to the Grizzly Parkour complex!

Humphrey's Service and Supplies

Warps: humphreys


Rushin' Rivers Outfitters

Warps: rushin


Smokejumper's Grill

Warps: smokejumper



Grizzly River Run

Warps: grrWater Ride, Opening Day Attraction, Constant Loading, Fastpass
Image Credit: ValSkybax
Ride Info
Average Ride Time
5:58 (ref)
Average Payout
5 KC
Max № of Riders


Up in a corner off of Grizzly Pass is a place to hang out and watch vehicles before they plummet down the main drop!

Soarin' Over California

Warps: soarinMotion Simulator, Opening Day Attraction, Fastpass

Coming Soon

Though signage in the server only refers to it as Soarin', the server devs have confirmed it will most likely be the Over California iteration, rather than Over The World. If this plan changes, then this text will be updated to reflect so.

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