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Item Types

On ImagineFun, you can collect various items on your person, ranging from accessories and collectibles to foods or backpacks to store all your things!

Obtaining items can be done by purchasing them from vendors or other players; other items can be obtained through the various crate types, seasonal events, and more.

(This is not a list of items; to see a list of purchasable items within the parks, see the pages for each land respectively. A complete list of items sounds like a herculean task...)

Types of Items

Most items can be categorized into one of the following, but some do not fit so easily into one box!


Accessories are items that you can wear to dress up your Minecraft avatar! This includes hats, masks, and more!

A type of Accessory is a Shoulder Pet, which are intended to be worn in the main/off hand or, sometimes, on your head! This includes Shibes and Cats, Ducks, Llamas, Droids, Bees, and more!


Consumables or food give you special effects after you've eaten them! For more information, including the possible effects obtained from eating food, click here.


Collectibles are items that have no purpose outside of being able to be collected. exist solely for decorative, collectible purposes. Many of these items will have more of a use when Hotels are finally available!

A type of Collectible is various Decorative Items. These come in the form of things like trash cans, chairs, posters, lights, and more. These can be displayed in a Hotel Room and used as designed!


Storage Items are ones able to store other items within them! This includes backpacks, cases, Loungeflies, and more. For more information, see the Item Storage page.


Toys are various items that make noise, shoot particles, or other miscellaneous effects when used! This includes launchers, kazoos, and more.

A type of Toy is a Weapon, which can be fired or waved around like a sword! This includes Lightsabers, blasters and pistols, wands, and more.

Consumable Effects

The following are various effects possible to gain upon eating a Food Item. This effect is applied to the item upon purchase from a vendor, with Money being the defacto rarest effect to obtain.


Description"You catch on fire, yep.."
Duration10—20 seconds

Fast fast fast (Speed 1/2)

Description"Lets you run very very quickly"
Duration90—120 seconds


Description"You light up with joy!"
(Your avatar emits green Mickey head particles.)
Duration10—20 seconds


Description"You get Kingdom Coins when you eat this bad boy"
(Coins explode out all around you and must be physically collected; they do not pay out directly to your Bank.)
Payout1—200 Coins

V i s i o n (Night Vision)

Description"You can see everything!"
Duration100—120 seconds
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