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Kingdom Coins and You

Kingdom Coins are ImagineFun's universal currency, used for purchasing items from NPC shops or other players! Earning them is as simple as going on your favorite rides and spending time on the server. What you do with them is completely up to you!

Using Kingdom Coins

All Kingdom Coins you collect by doing things on the server will be stored in your Bank, which you can view by visiting Benny the Banker at City Hall, by using your Bank app on your IFone, or by using /bank.

Purchases made from NPC shops or the User Marketplace draw directly from your Bank, so there is no need to manually withdraw Coins to make those transactions. If you, however, want to do a direct trade with another player, or want to raffle off Coins, you can click on the Coin icon and enter how many you want to withdraw from the chat. This will create a "Bank Note", which exists as a stand-in for all of those Coins – think of it as a real-world check. If you are given one of these, you can Right Click while holding it to deposit it into your Bank!

Another option for sending Kingdom Coins to another player is using /pay <username> <amount>, which will withdraw that amount of Coins from your Bank and automatically send it to another player for you!

If you ever get physical Coins as a reward from someone purchasing something from the Buy Store, or from collecting them on the ground from something like Loot Crates, you can do /deposit to transfer them to your Bank; alternatively, you can Shift and Right Click to auto-deposit them without a confirmation screen!

Old Coins

Prior to November 2021, IF used a different currency system, consisting of "Golden Castle", "Flynn Arcade", and "Penny Arcade" tokens, which all cross-converted between each other. This was simplified into the Kingdom Coin system which is in current use.

If you have old coins, you can convert them to Kingdom Coins by Shift and Right Clicking. One Penny Token converts into 1 Coin, one Flynn Token converts to 16 Coins, and one Gold Token converts to 64 Coins.

You can also hold onto them to sell on the market to other players who want to collect them! Many will pay a far more exorbant price for one than the standard conversion rate!

Money Making Tips

There are a multitude ways you can earn Kingdom Coins on the server – riding rides, selling items, collecting loot crate drops, and more!

Play Time

One of the easiest ways to gain Coins is to simply spend time on the server. For each ten minutes spent on ImagineFun, you will receive 5 Coins. Certain spaces on the server, such as the Golden Castle Mall, will give double the amount of Coins (10). This is the easiest way to make Coins while AFK (away from keyboard).


Another way to make money on the server is doing the various Quests; through this, not only will you be given Coins, but you'll also be awarded other various items! This is a bit more involved than anything else in this section, as it requires running around and doing a lot of things for NPCs, but they're pretty fun and offer a bit of challenge at times!

If you do each normally-available quest on the server, you will get a whopping 2325 Coins in prize money, alongside a bunch of free goodies! If you're just starting out on the server, are looking for something fun to do, and want to make some quick money, this is honestly a great way of doing it.

Daily Objectives and Weekly Challenges

Every day, you'll get a number of Daily Objectives, which require you to do something around the server. This ranges from completing small tasks to going on an attraction a certain amount of times, and rewards you with Coins! While a bit time consuming, doing your dailies adds up over time, and will continually net you more Coins in the long run, especially alongside general ride riding on top of that.

For each 5 Objectives you complete, you can get bonus Coins; if you do 25 Objectives during the week, you can complete the "Weekly Challenge" and even recieve Magic Crate keys!

Opening Crates

At the Hub and the Esplanade, you can find the Vote Crate, where you can spend the Keys you earn on daily voting! The contents of the Vote Crate change, but the two most common prizes are always 10 or 20 Kingdom Coins. Each pull of the Crate gives you two prizes, as well, so the max possible pull from pure Coins is 280 Coins. You can also sell any items you get that you don't want, which will also be further income from the Vote Crate! It is definitely worth hitting it up daily, if you can.

Similarly, the Magic Crate has its own common pull of 300 or 500 Kingdom Coins, which is also worth mentioning.

Riding Rides

Payout Calculator Available: Ride Payout Calculator

Another easy way to make Coins, perhaps the most standard way to do so on the server, is to ride attractions. Each time you go on a ride, you will be paid Coins, all depending on how long the ride is. For each minute spent on an attraction, you get 1 Coin. A three minute long ride is 3 Coins, and vice versa, a ten minute long ride is 10 Coins. This payout price rounds down, rather than up, so even if a ride is 2:59 in duration, the base payout will still only be 2 Coins.

As such, the rides with the highest payouts are the longest ones – Disneyland Railroad clocks in at 16 minutes on average, the longest on the server. Behind that is the PeopleMover, at 14 minutes, and Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, at 12 minutes.

In truth, it is 100% completely possible to grind Coins from any ride. However, there's a few factors in play that might sway your choice of ride around.

The longer rides are deemed more "AFKable" – Away From Keyboard, meaning it's possible to do without paying attention to the game – as you're able to spend longer stretches of time without having to necessarily look at Minecraft. As you have to navigate to the ride vehicle and Right Click to sit down – autoclickers and AFK bots/macros are prohibited on the server – this requires user input, which requires you to be interacting with the game itself. Of course, if you're comfortable with doing this, then go for it! You can pick any ride and grind Coins doing so! But if you're looking for a more casual, relaxed environment, try looking into a longer attraction.

Perhaps the most important aspect to the Coin grind is Multipliersdo not underestimate the power of Multipliers. These are how you raise your payouts from their base form. Having a rank on the server of any kind will help increase Coinflow, but taking advantage of things like the Weekly attraction or any limited time multipliers (Weekend Multis, "Sorry For Server Issues" Multis) will give you a nice boost as well!

And remember: Multis stack. So if you have Club 33, are riding the Weekly attraction, and it happens to be a weekend, you're looking at a very respectable payout by the end of each ride! (x2.0 + x1.25 + x1.5 = x4.75 Multiplier)

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