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Meet and Greets

Meet and Greets on ImagineFun allow guests to interact with their favorite Disney characters! Not only can you talk to them, but you can also get autographs, take pictures, and possibly go on rides with them!

When Meet and Greets Happen

While some Meet and Greets may be scheduled in advance, especially those coinciding with an ongoing event, most happen at random. You can find out when Meet and Greets are happening around the server by joining the official Discord server and assigning yourself the "Meet and Greet" or "Late Night Meet and Greet" role! That way, you will recieve a chat notification when they are about to happen and where they will happen.

Meet and Greet Etiquette

What happens during a Meet and Greet can differ from each one; some are more structured and only take place in one spot, whereas others are less structured and may move about the park in an interactive way! The latter generally does not have time for pictures or signings until the very end, so be patient and wait for that time before asking for anything.

Generally, Meet and Greets use a queue of some sort – a virtual one that calls you forth when your place in line comes up, or a physical line that you stand in and wait your turn. Either way, you will have to wait to interact with the characters, so please stay patient! If your game happens to crash or your internet happens to go down while you're in line, if you nicely explain the situation to a staff member, they will most likely allow you to return to your place in line!

When it is your turn to interact, you're able to talk to them for a moment. You'll also be able to hand over the item you want to be signed (using /dropitems), and take pictures with them (using F2 or Print Screen to screenshot). As there are many other people waiting to do the same thing, though, you will not have a whole lot of time, so be sure to keep things brief!

Generally, every person only gets one signature from each character, so make sure to carefully decide which item you want signed in advance!

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