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Whether you're trying to obtain a certain item or want to get rid of something you don't want anymore, the user marketplace is the place to do it! Through this interface, you can buy or sell things to and from other players, without having to directly trade with them.

Using the Marketplace

All items up on the marketplace are played up for sale by another player. When you engage in trade on the marketplace, you are trading your hard-earned Kingdom Coins for an item from another IF guest. As such, be sure to be vigil about how much you're spending on an item and how much you're actually willing to spend for something.

If you believe someone is abusing the marketplace, you can report this using /report market-abuse <reason>.

To open the marketplace, use /market. From here, you can browse the various types of items up for sale. You can click on the Clock in the bottom-right of the menu to sort items in various ways (such as by quantity for sale and by sale price.) You can also click the icon of your head at the bottom-right to view your own item listings.

If you're looking for something more specific, or trying to view all items of a certain theme or type, you can use /market search <keyword> to narrow down the listings displayed.

When you hover over an item on the listings page, you'll see how many of that item are up for sale and the lowest price it's going for. Click on that item will bring up a secondary menu of all of the same item being sold. Hovering over a listing here will display who is selling the item and for how much.

Clicking on a listing will bring up a purchase confirmation screen, making sure you wish to buy that item. To confirm, click the Green Block on the right; to cancel, click the Red Block on the left.

Enchanted Items are not listed separately from their normal counterparts; they display under their parent items within the main listings menu.

Selling Items

Before selling items on the marketplace, please keep in mind that it is entirely user-ran. An item is not guaranteed to sell if you simply place it up for sale; another user has to purchase it from you. So, be sure to list items fairly. A very helpful command in this regard is /market price, which checks what the current lowest price the item you are holding is going for on the marketplace. From there, you can set your own price accordingly.

To list items on the marketplace, hold the item you wish to sell in your open hand and use /market sell <price>, with whatever price you'd like to sell it for. Once an item's up for sale, all that's left to do is sit back and wait for someone to purchase it from you!

If you have an item up for sale that you'd like to take off of the marketplace, you can click on that item in your listings. This will remove it from the marketplace and put it in your inventory; be sure you have open inventory space before using this command, or else it won't work!

When items sell, you will not get an immediate status message in the chat box; the Coins you recieve from the sale are also not immediately deposited into your bank. Instead, these only trigger upon loading into the server. If you're awaiting a sale or want to check to see if anything had sold while you've been playing, you can switch instances (/randomdisney) or relog entirely to try and prompt the messages and payout.

Expired Listings

Placing items up in the marketplace will not put them up there indefinitely! Listings will only last for thirty days before they "expire", removing them from the market and placing in a holding space for you to collect at a later date. During this time, if you have anything in this expired list, you cannot put listings up on the marketplace; they must be dealt with first before you can start listing items again.

To get to your expired listings, you can use /market expired; this opens up a menu with your expired listings. From there, you can left click on any items there to reclaim them into your inventory, so you can choose to do what you wish with it. You can also relist it from this menu by hovering your mouse over the item in question and pressing Q. From here, you can adjust the price with a secondary menu, before having it automatically go back onto the market!

Marketplace Commands

The following is a list of all marketplace commands for reference.

/market (alt. /ah)
Opens the Marketplace menu.
/market listings
Opens the Marketplace menu and displays what items you currently have up for sale! If you append a username to the end (/ah listings <username>) you can see what items a certain player has up for sale.
/market price
Quickly check to see what the lowest price is for the item you are currently holding in your main hand.
/market search <keyword>
Search the Marketplace for specific keywords; useful to see what items are available on IF!
/market sell <price>
Sell the item you are currently holding in your main hand for the designated price!
/market expired (alt. /market reclaim)
Opens the Expired menu, where you can handle expired market listings.
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