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Main Street, U.S.A.

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Main Street, U.S.A. is the entrance area to the entirety of Disneyland! With inflences from Walt Disney's hometown of Marceline, IL, it is meant to encapsulate the energy of 1950s America on the Fourth of July. The scents of the bakery waft about the streets, the Dapper Dans entertain guests young and old... the whistle of the Disneyland Railroad calls out for any last-minute passengers... and just down the street is Sleeping Beauty Castle, as well as the portals to various other lands to explore!

Sub-Areas and Landmarks

City Hall

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The City Hall is one of the first places you'll come across when entering Main Street, U.S.A. Home to this building are Benny the Banker and Trent's Trade-Ins, where you can manage your Kingdom Coins as needed!

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Coca-Cola Corner

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Come hang out with the Dapper Dans and sip on a soda pop at the Coca-Cola Corner! Home of the famous two-tone lightbulb! Why not buy yourself a dapper hat while you're here?

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Crystal Arcade

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Connected to the Emporium is the Crystal Arcade; despite its name, it is an extension store that offers other merchandise for sale.

The Crystal Arcade also serves as the Pride Shop, where you can buy LGBT flag-themed Mickey ears and Loungefly backpacks!

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Disney Clothiers Inc.

Warps: clothiers

Show your love of the Disney theme parks by donning a shirt, sweatshirt, or hat depicting your favorite character, movie, or ride!

Disney Showcase

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Find more Disney-related merchandise at the Disney Showcase, from hats to pins!

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The Emporium is the largest store in Disneyland Park, containing item vendors from all over the park! It's your one-stop spot to purchase items without having to go too far.

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Gift Shop

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Here at the Gift Shop, you can buy special gift item boxes that you can place items into for the sake of making another player's present more exciting!

For information on how to use Gift Boxes, see the Postman page.

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Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe

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Craving baked goods? Themed after Mary Poppins, the Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe is a great place to snag a snack and take a quick break from the hubbub of Main Street!

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Main Street Market House

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In the mood for some coffee and baked goods? Come to the Market House and breathe in the delicate aroma of ground coffee beans!

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Main Street Opera House

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The Main Street Opera House is home to the Disney Gallery, a gift box shop, and Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln! Many pieces of history from the Disneyland theme parks are on display in here, as well as a replica model of Main Street Station and the US Capitol building!

Main Street Police Station

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Connected to City Hall is the Main Street Police Station! While you can't go inside, it might make for a good meeting spot with friends, or serve as a Meet and Greet spot with costumed characters!

Main Street, U.S.A. Station

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The Main Street Station is the first thing you'll see upon entering Disneyland, with its decorative lawn, complete with Mickey head. This is the first stop for the Disneyland Railroad, and acts as the starting and stopping point for a full-circle train ride around the entire park.

Moe Kees

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Tucked in-between the Market House and Cinema is Moe Kee's shop, where you can purchase Magic Keys with Kingdom Coins from Moe himself!

Partners Statue

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The Partners Statue is the centerpiece of Main Street, located at the center of all paths that lead away from it. Unveiled and dedicated in 1993, this statue stands 6'3" tall (1.9 meters tall) and depicts Walt Disney holding hands with Mickey Mouse.

Penny Arcade

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See some old-timey penny machines on display or get your fortune told at the Penny Arcade! This also connects to a candy shop, for those with a sweet tooth.

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Plaza Inn

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Sit down at Main Street's premier restaurant and sample some delicious specialty chicken dishes! Located across from the Partners Statue, you'll have a great view of the central Main Street plaza.

Plaza Point

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Plaza Point is a year-round Christmas shop, for those looking to get decorations and keepsakes, even in the middle of the summer! This used to serve as a camera and film shop, and you can still purchase camera items here as a result.

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Sleeping Beauty Castle

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Separating Fantasyland from Main Street is the icon of the entire Disneyland Park, Sleeping Beauty Castle. Based on the real-world Neushwanstein Castle in Germany, the tip-tops of its golden spires reach nearly eighty feet tall! The castle is commonly decorated for various seasonal events, and during fireworks, is projected onto to help bring it to life in time with nighttime shows! Housed within is Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough, which depicts the story of Sleeping Beauty.

Floating above the castle is the Fireworks Viewing Box and its VIP counterpart, which provide a less obstructed view of the nighttime fireworks shows for those with Passholder and DVC, respectively.

Stacy Shibes

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Tucked back next to the Gift Shop is Stacy Shibe's shop, where she'll take in any unwanted Shibe shoulderpets in return for some Coins! Her prices change daily.

Storage Shop

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The Storage Shop next to the Disneyland entrance is where you can buy backpacks, cases, buckets, and other Storage items! With these, you can hold all your precious items and keep them organized as needed. It is also home to Uma Upgrades, who will update old Loungefly backpacks to work properly.

Of note: Loungefly backpacks cannot be purchased here; they are sold in other places around the park, or can be obtained through using the Roulette feature.

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Tour Gardens

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The Tour Gardens, tucked out of the way next to City Hall and the Police Station, is where most tours start in Disneyland! The Disneyland Newsstand sits nearby, selling various hats and merch.

Tours are not on a schedule and happen based on staff availability; to learn when tours are going to happen, join the official IF Discord!

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VIP Hall

Warps: viphall

Those who have been awarded the VIP rank on the server will be celebrated here! Each VIP member has a statue of themselves, as well as a plaque reading their username and the date they became a VIP!


Disneyland Railroad

Warps: disneylandrailroad, railroad, dlrr, trainTransport, Opening Day Attraction, Constantly Loading
Ride Info
Average Ride Time
16:20 (ref)
Average Payout
16 KC
Max № of Riders
A Lot

Sit back and relax on a roundtrip journey through all four ports of Disneyland: Main Street, New Orleans Square, Toontown, and Tomorrowland, with a special trip to the Grand Canyon and the Primeval World of the Dinosaurs!

The Disneyland Railroad is the longest attraction in IF, making it a popular choice for grinding out Kingdom Coins. Due to its length, it is possible to tab out of Minecraft or idle grind in general, if you pop back in every twenty minutes (or so) to get back on the train.

While you can technically hop onto the Disneyland Railroad at any of the stations to get around the park, the only way to get your ride payout is to do a full circle trip, from Main Street to Main Street.

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln

Warps: greatmoments, lincolnShow, 1960's
Image Credit: ValSkybax
Ride Info
Average Ride Time
6:11 (ref)
Average Payout
6 KC
Max № of Riders

Be amazed or take a nap while audio-animatronics bring Abraham Lincoln to life before your very eyes! Watch him stand up and give his famous Gettysburg Address, in this recreation of a 1964 World's Fair stage show!

As this attraction is a show, you technically do not need to take a seat to watch and enjoy it! As long as you are in the show building for the full duration of the show, you will have "ridden" it and given a payout at the end.

Grinding out Lincoln shows can be difficult, as there's a couple minutes of cooldown after a show ends for a new one to load in. You can put off the wait by riding a one to two minute ride in the meantime; if you have DVC, you can also hop between the main server and the DVC server to game the system.

Main Street Carriages

Warps: carriages, vehiclesTransport, Opening Day Attraction, Constant Loading
Image Credit: ValSkybax
Ride Info
Average Ride Time
6:17 (ref)
Average Payout
6 Coins
Max № of Riders
6 (car)
16 (bus)

Beep beep! Make sure to keep clear of the Main Street vehicles as they transport guests from the head of Main Street all the way to the Castle and Partners Statue!

There are two different vehicle types: a red or yellow car and a green bus. The car and bus each have different loading areas: the car loads next to the "horseless carriage" sign next to a tree, and the bus loads right out front of City Hall.

While you can get on the Main Street Carriages at any time, you will only get Coins when you ride a full loop from the intended loading zone, similar to the Disneyland Railroad.

You can sit on both floors of the double-decker bus vehicle. You can get up to the top floor seats by first sitting on the bottom floor, looking straight up, and spam clicking Right Click until you warp up there.

Additional Shopping

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