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With the use of multipliers, you can get additional Kingdom Coins from riding attractions!

You can view your various multipliers at any time by doing /multipliers. This lists all global multipliers, as well as all of the Ride-Specific multipliers you own.

How Multipliers Work

Each attraction has a flat Kingdom Coin payout, based on the duration spent on said attraction. Multipliers, as their name suggests, provide a multiplicative bonus atop this payout. Each multiplier you have that affects a ride's payout rate is added together, then applied to the flat rate.

For example, a 3:00 minute ride pays out 3 KC per ride; if you have Passholder and it is the Weekly Ride, you'll actually get 7 KC from it! (3 * (1.25+1.25))

All Multiplier Types

Rank Multipliers

Your Rank Multiplier is passive, meaning you don't need to activate it for use. It affects all attractions you ride, too!

Vote Multiplier

You can obtain a Vote Multiplier by voting for ImagineFun on various Minecraft server list sites. One vote gives you one 30-minute x1.25 multi. You can do this multiple times a day and they stack, so be sure to vote on each site every day!

Showcase Multiplier

At the start of every week, a ride is picked to be the "Weekly Ride". As a result, there is a x1.25 global multiplier for this ride the entire week. You can check what the Weekly Ride is in the multipliers menu.

Ride-Specific Multiplier

Ride-Specific Multipliers are a one-time use multiplier that lasts for a certain period of time, ranging from 2 to 3 hours. The power of these also ranges – 1.3x, 1.5x, and 1.7x. Rarely, you can also get ones upwards of 6x! These require you to manually activate them; only one can be activated at a time.

The length of the multiplier correlates to real-world time, not time spent on the attraction itself. It also will decrease even if you're not online, so make sure you're taking full advantage of the length of the multiplier, especially if it's for one that pays out well!

You can get these from the Magic Crate; you can also withdraw them from the Multiplier menu (Left Click) and sell them to other players!

Global 2x Weekend Boost

Every Saturday to Sunday, there is a x2 multipler active on the server to celebrate the weekend! It's a great time to get in some good ride grinds!

Event Multiplier

On certain dates, such as holidays, or during certain events, you may have a special multiplier active!

Miscellaneous Multipliers

Sometimes when the server goes down or is having problems, staff may put up a "Forgiveness" multiplier, which is meant to make up for any downtime. These can be pretty lucrative and handy, so if you're online when one of these is active, be sure to take full advantage of them!

Also worth mentioning is Party Multipliers, which activate when in a party. This increases with the amount of players in the party too and maxes out at x2!

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