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Objectives and Challenges

Alongside the NPC quests on ImagineFun are Daily Objectives and Weekly Challenges, which give returning guests something to do every day! By completing Objectives and Challenges, you are awarded Kingdom Coins and even Magic Keys!

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Daily Objectives

Daily Objectives are smaller quests that are moreso simple tasks you can do every day* ("dailies", as some people refer to them as). Upon completing them, you will be given Kingdom Coins, depending on the difficulty of the task! Completing them also counts towards the Weekly Challenge (see below for more info).

On the Objectives menu, players will be able to see six tasks at a time. For standard guests, only three of these are available for completion; IF+ players will have access to all six tasks.

Once you complete all of your available tasks, you will need to wait for a "refresh". Every eight hours (specifically at 12:00 AM, 8:00 AM, and 4:00 PM PST), players will gain two new Objectives to complete. If you have the max amount of Objectives, however, you will not gain any new ones until you complete the existing ones and wait for the refresh.

The type of tasks your Objective will have you doing varies, though there are two different "types": Passive and Active.

An "Active" Objective requires you to click on the task to accept it, similar to the standard quests around the server. This will give you the quest "boss bar" tracker at the top of your screen, which can provide directions for completing said task.

On the other side, "Passive" Objectives don't require you to manually accept them and simply track your activity on the server alongside everything else! This is usually reserved for tasks which require riding rides multiple times; it also means that you can stop in the middle of your progress to do other things, and you're able to come back to it at your own leisure!

Weekly Challenge

The Weekly Challenge is the culmination of completing Daily Objectives. Your goal with it is to complete the five different "tiers" – 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 Daily Objectives completed – with additional rewards for doing so! The final Tier is the most sought after, awarding those who manage to complete the challenge with two Magic Keys! It is an entirely optional aspect to the server, so there's no need to push yourself to complete it if you don't have the time or energy.

Each tier of the Weekly Challenge is represented by a separate crate in the menu. Hovering over each crate will display the reward you would get for hitting that level, which you can unlock by hitting that requirement and clicking on the chest!

The Weekly Challenge can be completed easily by taking advantage of the eight-hour refresh timer for Daily Objectives. If you're only doing three Objectives a day, the max Tier you would be able to obtain is Fourth Tier (20 Objectives). However, doing Objectives early in the day, then logging online later after an Objective refresh will give you two additional to complete.

Doing this – about five Objectives a day – you will be able to complete Tier 5 (25 Objectives) on the fifth day of the week, which has a surprising amount of wiggle room for missing a day. For those with IF+, they'll be able to breezily hit Tier 5 on the fourth day of the week.

The Weekly Challenge resets every week on Sunday 12:00 AM PST.

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