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One of the main features of ImagineFun are various quests provided out by some of your favorite Disney characters! Complete puzzles, tasks, and adventures for them, and gain rewards in return!

For information on Daily Objectives and the Weekly Challenge, click here.

Quest Guides Available: Official IF Quest GuidesTater's IF Quest Guides

How Quests Work

To accept a quest, first open your Quest menu.

Some examples of quests include finding and clicking on items around the server, talking to other NPC characters, riding rides, and more! Some quests have a time limit, requiring you to finish it before it hits zero; many of these will provide a speed boost to help you get to where you're meant to be before that timer runs out.

Once you are on a quest, a tracking menu will appear at the top of your screen, in the space that the standard Minecraft boss bar would be. This progress bar will provide your current task at hand, and depending on the intended difficulty of the task, will also provide directions for where you must go to complete it.

Upon completing a quest, you will be given the intended reward; for full "main story" questlines, the next quest in line will be unlocked!

Frequently Asked Questions... regarding quests

How do I stop or cancel a quest?

You can cancel any quest at any time using /cancelquest or /cq.

Where is Cogsworth? (Fantasyland, Return of the Rose)

Cogsworth can be found at the Fantasy Faire, located to the left of Sleeping Beauty Castle. If you walk through across the bridge and go through the archway to the right, you should spot him. (83, 535)

What do I do with the colored blocks to finish the quest? (Toontown, Ludwig's Toontown Challenge)

Reorganize the blocks in your inventory into rainbow order your main bar – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Purple. Once you do that, check and see what they spell out for your final hint!

I bought a Frosty Parfait and it didn't complete the quest step! (Muppets, Bunson and Beaker's Experiment)

It's hard to miss, but you're not intended to buy a parfait for the quest; at the Adorable Snowman Ice Cream shop, in one of the ordering windows is a parfait item you can click on to "pick up" and complete this step of the quest.


The following quests can be accepted and played through at any time. Numbered lists denote questlines that require you to complete them in order; un-numbered lists can be tackled in any order.

Getting Started

Cars Land

  1. The Parts Part
  2. Getting Tired
  3. Stickers needs Stickers
  4. Feeling Gassy
  5. Practice Makes Perfect
  6. Home Stretch

Critter Country Main Story

  1. Eeyore's Surprise
  2. Country Bear Jamboree
  3. Who Dunnit?
  4. Piglets Presents
  5. The Missing Tail
  6. Brer Fox's Mischevious Plan

Fireside Girls

  1. Welcome to the Fireside Girls
  2. Get Your Needle and Thread
  3. Help Thy Neighbor Patch
  4. Wrestling An Alligator In A Sewer Patch
  5. Rainforest Navigation Patch
  6. Saying a Word No One Else in the Room Knows Patch
  7. Aquatic Safety Patch

Fantasyland Main Story

  1. Maleficent's Evil Curse Part 1
  2. Cinderella's Countless Chores
  3. Snow White's Missing Friends
  4. Alice's Hiccups
  5. Return of the Rose
  6. Maleficent's Evil Curse Part 2

Frontierland Main Story

  1. The Trapped Train
  2. Scared Sheriff
  3. Hopeful Hammer
  4. Billy Goat Tough
  5. Yes We Can-Can
  6. Mind the Miners

Galaxy's Edge Main Story

The Galaxy's Edge quests are tied to Factions (/faction); it is possible to complete all GE quests by changing your Faction, but this can only be done every two weeks.

Monsters Inc. Facilities Team

  1. Roadside Assistance
  2. This Will Laugh To Do
  3. A Monster's Best Friend

The Muppets Show

  1. Time to Meet the Muppets
  2. Help Miss Piggy Get Ready
  3. Chase Animal Down!
  4. The Swedish Chef's Meal Prep
  5. Gonzo's Daredevil Challenge
  6. Bunsen and Beaker's Experiment – Very Difficult!

Tomorrowland Main Story (currently under refurb)

  1. (Placeholder)

Toontown Main Story

  1. Chip and Dale's Coaster Conundrum
  2. Silly Rabbit, Control Boards Are for Kids!
  3. Nothing Can Stop Us Now!
  4. Ludwig's Toontown Challenge – Very Difficult!

Seasonal Quests

Some special quests are introduced and are only available during a seasonal event, such as Halloween and Winter Wonderland. An example of this is the Villains questlines from Halloween 2022, where guests had to complete a series of tasks for various Disney villains.

These often reward players with special seasonal items! Be sure not to miss out on these when they're made available!

Tater usually documents these quests; you can find a folder of their seasonal quest documentation here.

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