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Lightsabers and Duels

Within ImagineFun, you can build, collect, and duel other players with Lightsabers from the Star Wars universe!

You can turn on or off a Lightsaber by holding it and pressing Q. You can "duel-wield" two Lightsabers by pressing F, but you can only swing the one that is in your main hand.

A number of setting and options related to Lightsabers can be enabled or disabled using the Settings menu (/settings). This includes the various sounds that play when swinging or using a Lightsaber, in case you find them annoying.

Building a Lightsaber

QR Code coordinates
  • 392, 876
  • 434, 934
  • 398, 952
  • 373, 935
  • 359, 943
  • 351, 880
  • 392, 868
  • 543, 875
  • 526, 905
  • 513, 897
  • 493, 912
  • 494, 970
  • 464, 950
  • 462, 1010
  • 501, 973
  • 393, 1051
  • 254, 917
  • 399, 953

Building your own Lightsaber is simple. This requires you to use two different components - a hilt and a Kyber crystal. To speed up this process, you can follow along with the Lightsaber Building Galaxy's Edge quest.

To get a hilt, you must collect Saber Parts from around Galaxy's Edge. This is done by "scanning" QR Codes hidden around the land, against various objects or surfaces. To scan a Code, place your Minecraft crosshair over it and do /scan. An example of these Codes can be found next to Savi's Workshop (/w savi).

Each QR Code can only be scanned once; there are twenty Codes scattered across Galaxy's Edge.

Currently, only eighteen of the twenty codes are accessible, due to construction for Rise of the Resistance.

Once you have five parts, you can turn them into the Lightsaber Parts Trade-In NPC at Savi's Workshop for a hilt of your choice! There are four hilt types, one of which you can trade in for. This means you can only have four custom Lightsabers. These hilts are based on the custom ones you can build in the real-life parks; the designs are as follows:

Once you have your hilt, now you must acquire a Kyber crystal, which both powers a Lightsaber and provides its blade its color. Crystals can be obtained through the use of Goofy's Prize Box (/goofysprizebox) for 8 Kingdom Coins a spin.

You can also get crystals secondhand on the User Marketplace (/ah search kyber), in case you don't want to endure the random nature of the roulette; prices vary for each color, with the rarer White crystal going for a higher price often, and the elusive Black crystal being very expensive.

A list of all colors possible is as follows:

Other Lightsabers

Available alongside four custom Lightsabers, you can also own pre-made Lightsabers based on existing ones owned by Star Wars characters! Purchasable at Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities (/w den) is the following:

There are also a handful of other Lightsabers that can be obtained on the User Marketplace, such as various Lego Lightsabers, and the very sought-after Darksaber.


With your lightsabers, you can engage in duels with your friends and fellow players! There are two options for dueling: freeform fighting within Galaxy's Edge or structured duels using the Lightsaber Dueling Arena (/w duelarena).

For freeform fighting, all that's required is to be within Galaxy's Edge and to have Lightsaber Death enabled in the Settings menu (/settings). This setting will allow you to take damage when other players hit you with your lightsaber. Upon dying, you will recieve a standard Minecraft death and have the option to respawn or disconnect; respawning will put you back at your spawn point, most likely The Hub.

The Duel Arena, however, provides a more structured means of having lightsaber duels, with virtual queues you can join and a whole arena designed for such a thing. There are three queues you can join: Solo (1v1), Doubles (2v2), and Trio (3v3). Once there are enough players in the queue, duels will begin to occur; when your place in line has come up, you'll be teleported down into the arena to have your duel! Combat is similar to standard Minecraft combat, with ten HP/hearts and critical strikes while falling.

During certain seasonal events, there may be an alternate arena you can fight in, providing additional decoration and challenges!

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