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Item Storage

As you collect items on ImagineFun, you may find yourself running out of inventory space! This can be circumvented a few ways, mostly through the use of Storage items and Locker Space.

Storage Items

Using varying Storage items, you can store items and carry them around in your inventory. You can also use them to better organize all your items, if need be. This includes various bags and backpacks, buckets and books, and more. You can store twenty-seven items in each Storage item!

To use a Storage item, hold it in your main hand and Right Click on open air. This will open the inventory menu dedicated to that one particular item. Some items can also be accessed when they're also in your off hand; this requires you to be holding nothing in your main hand.

Backpack-style items can be worn on your avatar's back by holding them in your off hand (F).

A number of basic Storage items can be purchased from the Storage Shop (/w storage). There is also a Storage Shop NPC next to Sleeping Beauty Castle (-29, 463). All items are 600 Kindgom Coins.

Due to the nature of Storage Items being able to contain items, they cannot be sold on the User Marketplace.

Loungefly Backpacks

For more backpacks of varying style, check out the collectible Loungefly backpacks! These only hold three items at a time, but are themed to specific rides, characters, movies, and more. They can be obtained through Goofy's Prize Box for 150 Coins a spin. You can also purchase specific ones from other players.

Some Loungeflies on sale in the marketplace may be "legacy" Loungeflies and do not have a full three slots of storage on them; upon trying to open one up, a message in chat will instead direct you speak to Uma Upgrades at the Storage Shop to get them upgraded to a standard one.

Locker Space

On top of using Storage Items for maintaining an organized, clean inventory, guests can also get lockers to store their items in.

Each guest starts with an "Ender Chest" locker, which is accessible using /ec. This locker holds up to twenty-seven items at a time.

Additional lockers, accessible through the Lockers menu (/lockers), can be obtained a number of ways. While getting rank upgrades on the server will unlock them for you, you can also hard purchase additional locker space by speaking to Larry Lockers, located at the Downtown Disney Lockers. Locker prices start at 5,000 Kingdom Coins and each locker holds up to fifty-four items.

With a higher server rank, you're given free access to locker space. Passholder gets one locker for free; D23 gets two; Club 33 gets three; and DVC gets four.

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