Quinn's Unofficial ImagineFun Super Guide to EverythingV. A-2.0
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Tips and Tricks

On this page are some useful things to know about the server that don't necessarily fit in anywhere else in the Beginner's Guide section!

Clients and Optifine

Optifine is a Minecraft mod that improves FPS/lag conditions and provides other features as well, such as a zoom button. It's incredibly useful even in normal Minecraft, so I'd highly recommend using it! There are many sites online which claim to provide downloads to Optifine; ONLY download from the offical Optifine site.

While hacked clients are not allowed on IF, some players prefer playing on the server with an alternate client to the standard Minecraft launcher. The two main clients players use are Lunar and Badlion, which have an alternative to Optifine included in its code, among other quality of life changes or secondary features that can improve the server experience. While Lunar provides a far smoother gameplay experience, Badlion has more unique mods and QOL upgrades you can use in the server!

Other Plugins

Smooth Coasters

Smooth Coasters is an optional mod that gives roller coasters in Minecraft that support it a smoother, more realistic experience. This includes the ability to have banked turns and inversions!

Smooth Coasters is currently unsupported in ImagineFun during the conversion from 1.12 to 1.19; compability will come at a later time.

VR in IF

Vivecraft is compatible with ImagineFun! You may, however, encounter bugs on the server.

Party System (/party)

When playing with multiple people, why not give the Party system a try? This will create a private "party" or group, which includes a chatroom only visible to those within the party. If you're playing with a mix of people who both have and don't have voice chat, this means that everyone involved will be able to talk to each other without flooding the server chat with one-way messages.

When in a Party with other players, you will also be given a special Party Multiplier, depending on how many people are in your party! This maxes out at five people for a total of x2 bonus coins, which can be pretty helpful! This also stacks with other mulitpliers you may have active, so if you're trying to earn Coins quickly, be sure to give this a try!

Upon opening a party, you will be automatically promoted to being the Leader, allowing you to use certain commands to maintain everything.

Party System Commands

(The following commands can also be used with /p, to shorten the overall length.)

/party invite <username>
Invite a specific player to your party.
/party join <username>
Joins the party hosted by a specific user; this party must be open to the public!
/party open
Opens your party to the public, allowing other users to freely join it! Requires Leader
/party close
Closes your party from people being able to publicly join. Requires Leader
/party leave
Leave the party you're currently in.
/party chat <message>
Sends a message to the party chat! This can be shortened to /p c <message>.
/party toggle
Toggle whether normal messages typed and sent go through to the main chat or the party you're currently in.
/party kick <username>
Kick a specific player from your party. Requires Leader
/party disband
Close your party. Requires Leader
/party list
Displays a list of all players currently in your party.
/party warp <location>
Warps all players in the party to a specific location!
/party summon
Warps all players in the party to your location! Requires Leader
/party promote <username>
Promotes a specific player in your party to be Leader. Requires Leader
/party leader <username>
Sets a specific player in your party to be Leader. Requires Leader
/party help
Prints out this list of commands in the chat box!

Useful Items

The following are items I suggest picking up at some point, because I think they're personally pretty useful.

A Storage Item – 600 Coins, Storage Shop (/w storage)
One of the first items I would recommend purchasing on the server is any sort of proper Storage Item. While Loungefly backpacks are fun and decorative, they can only hold three items at a time. The proper Storage Items sold at the Storage Shop, however, provide storage for up to twenty-three items at a time, which is very useful as you start collecting items that you want!
Fast fast fast Consumables – varies, various shops
While guests with DVC have the ability to change their movement speed, those with a lower rank cannot! To make up for this, it's super handy to keep food items with the "Fast fast fast" effect, which will give you either Speed I or Speed II, so that you can zip around the parks faster!

Because Consumable item effects are randomly assigned upon purchase, you can stock up on any food item you want for this. I personally use Coffee, but you could also use ice cream, beignets, churros, or anything else you'd like!
AFK Headset – varies, User Marketplace
While there is an AFK command (/afk) to let people know you're away from (your) keyboard, it's only available to those with IF+. As a means of getting around that, you can use an AFK Headset and wear it in your Headgear armor slot to visually tell others when you are indeed away from the computer!

Useful Commands

The following are a few helpful chat commands that can be used to speed up your gameplay on the server. For a list of all chat commands, see the Commands masterlist.

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