Quinn's Unofficial ImagineFun Super Guide to EverythingV. A-2.0
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While the user marketplace is helpful for automating a lot of the buying-selling process between players, you're also able to directly trade with another player!

Most direct trading is done through the #trade-chat channel in the official IF Discord server, as repeatedly asking to buy or sell items in the in-game chatbox can be considered spammy. In the Discord, you can list items you're selling or are looking for, and others may message you to discuss the matter.

When you've secured a trade partner and met up with them on the server, you can use /trade <username> to request a trade with the other player. This opens up a new menu that items from your inventory can be loaded onto your side of the menu. The other half of the menu belongs to the person you are trading with, and they can load their items onto that they wish to trade. Once you're comfortable with what you'd like to trade over, you can click the top-left icon to confirm the trade; after both involved players have confirmed the trade, the items will be exchanged and the trade will be a success!

Note: Be sure to check what items are being traded before confirming the trade, so that you don't get scammed! Hovering over items will display their name and any additional information (such as Pin information or autograph signatures). Always be careful with trading!

To trade over Kingdom Coins, you will need to withdraw them from your Bank. To do so, use /withdraw <amount>. Coins will be withdrawn and made into a Bank Note item, which can be redeemed by Right Clicking while they are held.

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