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VIP Lounges

Players with a rank of Club 33 and up are able to enter various "VIP lounges" across the server, tucked away in special parts of the parks, as a little getaway from all the hubbub of the Disneyland Resort!

Some lounges feature amenities such as Magic Crates and places to hang out!

Club 33

Warps: club33

Enter the famous Club 33, located in New Orleans Square! Inside is a fancy restaurant, as well as a bunch of seating – perfect for taking a quick break between rides and walking around the park.

Matterhorn Bobsleds Basketball Court

Warps: basketball

Shoot some hoops in the half-court located within Matterhorn Bobsleds in Fantasyland!


Warps: N/A

(Closed for hotel construction)


Warps: starcade

Tucked out of the way in Tomorrowland, between the Space Mountain exit and the Star Trader is the Starcade!

There are two Magic Crates in here.

Other Locations

Walle's Lounge

Warps: N/A

Walle's Lounge is a VIP lounge separate from any ranks, and instead requires an item called a "Walle Well Pass", which was only obtainable by donating at a well that used to be at spawn. The entry point is through the Slide Token door in the Golden Castle Mall.

The contents of the lounge are a well-guarded secret; all I can say is that there is a Magic Crate in there and some other exclusive features for those who can enter the lounge.

I guess you'll just have to get your hands on a pass and check it out for yourself..!


Warps: ihop

Located right out the gates, past the Bus Stop is the International House of Pancakes! This replicates the IHOP that can be found on a bounding street at the real-world parks. This used to be a VIP lounge, but has since been made a free hangout spot for all users.

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