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Warps: adventureland, adventure

First gate on the left of Main Street U.S.A. leads you into a teeming, tropical jungle. Discover singing birds and angry gods – angry rhinos, piranhas, and the backside of water – a temple of mysterious of origin, begging you to step inside. Keep close to your party and don't lose your map as you cut your way through the thicket that is Adventureland!

Sub-Areas and Landmarks

Adventureland Bazaar

Warps: bazaar

The Adventureland Bazaar is home to various shops of the adventurous variety!

Adventureland Treehouse

Warps: N/A

(Coming Soon)

Trixie Trails

Warps: trixie

Within the Adventureland Bazaar is Trixie Trails' shop, where you can trade in trail items for Kingdom Coins! Her prices change daily.

Tropical Hideaway

Warps: tropical, hideaway

The Tropical Hideaway is a sit-down restaurant with a dockside view of the Jungle Cruise. Why not treat you and your friends to bao, some lumpia, or various pineapple snacks?


Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye

Warps: indyThrill Ride, 1990's, Fastpass
Image Credit: ValSkybax
Ride Info
Average Ride Time
3:33 (ref)
Average Payout
3 KC
Max № of Riders
Fastpass Station
To the left of the ride entrance (232, 243)
Fastpass Return
At the ride entrance (264, 219)

Head out on an adventure into the cursed temple of Mara with Indiana Jones! Look not into the eyes of Mara, or suffer a fate worse than death!

I reccommend walking through the ride's queue on your first ridethrough, because it's packed with detail. Not only are the interactible parts of the queue here, but there's also various Easter eggs to spot if you know where to look! Otherwise, using a Fastpass to skip the queue is the quickest way to get to the ride itself.

There is a re-entry point you can use to get back to the loading platform after finishing a ride-through. It's a bit hard to miss, because it's dark in there; if you're looking at the platform and the fences that block you off, follow those fences to the right, until you see a pressure plate and a sign.

Jungle Cruise

Warps: junglecruise, jungle, jcBoat Ride, Water Ride, Opening Day Attraction
Ride Info
Average Ride Time
7:10 (ref)
Average Payout
7 KC
Max № of Riders

Experience the African jungle and the backside of water in this ride inspired by the classic Disney film series True Life Adventures!

When you go on the ride, make sure you have AudioPass running for the absolute, 100% experience! You'll have one of the following skippers providing you a tour of the jungle:

The fastest way to get through the queue is to ignore the actual queue and hook to the water's edge as soon as possible. It's not gated off, so there's no need to actually walk through the entire line, unless you really want to.

There is a re-entry point to the left of the exit. You can either walk through this to get back to the loading zone, or hop the fence with the use of a crate!

Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room

Warps: tikiroomShow, 1960's

Coming Soon

Additional Shopping

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