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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some frequently asked questions on the server! If your question isn't covered here, try checking another page on the site about the thing you're trying to find help with. If you still can't find anything, ask in-game or in the official Discord server!

General Questions

How do I sit?

Sittin' down around Disneyland!

Sitting on the ground is a perk tied to the Passholder rank; if you have that or any of the higher ranks, use /sit to take a load off.

Other than that, you can also sit down on the various chairs and benches of the parks by Right Clicking on them. Unfortunately, not all of them fit more than one person, so keep that in mind!

How do I turn off the sidebar / scoreboard?

You can do /sb to enable or disable the scoreboard as you need. Some important stuff gets printed out here, however, such as your Bank balance and your nearest warp, so keep that in mind!

How do I get LGBT/Pride items?

You can buy Pride ears and Loungeflies at the Pride store in the Emporium (/w pride). There is also a Pride pin series can be purchased from any Pin Trader! Those can be worn on your person for additional flare. There are also items available during the yearly Pride Month seasonal event! Additional items, such as Minecraft bee shoulderpets themed to the various pride flags, can be purchased through the User Marketplace, but may be on the expensive side.

How do I get Shibe or Cats? What do I do with them?

Max the Cat and Mika the Shibe!

Shibe and Cats are fun Shoulder Pet items you can wear on your head/shoulders! You can get them through the Magic Crate. They come in various designs, from plain to wearing sunglasses or hats!

Upon being awarded to a player, a Shibe or Cat's name is completely randomized from a huge pool of names. You cannot pick a name yourself; if you want a specific color and name combination, your best bet is to find one on the User Marketplace.

Shibe or Cats can be sold either on the User Marketplace or to Stacy Shibe or Katie Cats.

Why are people saying "GG" in the chat?

Whenever people make a purchase on the IF shop, upgrade their rank, or win a raffle, other players like to congratulate them by saying "GG"! It's a little quirk of the community.

How do I get shaders? What shaders does IF use for its screenshots/videos?

Minecraft shaders require installing external plugins and files to your game; a tutorial on how to do so can be found here. Keep in mind that shaders often require a powerful computer to be run!

Recommended by many are Complementary and BSL. ImagineFun staff tend to use an edited version of BSL for social media posts or YouTube videos!

What are Slide Tokens? How do I get them?

Server Questions

How can I join the server on Bedrock Edition?

Currently, Bedrock is incompatible with the ImagineFun server. A future update to the server compatible with Bedrock Edition will eventually come, but there is no date yet for this.

Can I join the server on a cracked client?

You must have a legitimate Minecraft account or copy of the game in order to connect to the server. IF does not support cracked or hacked clients that allow you to play for free.

I was banned/muted! How do I get unbanned?

You can apply for a punishment appeal through the ImagineFun website.

How can I become staff?

You can apply a staff position through the ImagineFun website. There are two applications: one for general staff and one for those interested in building.

Park Questions

When does the server update with new content? When's the next new ride?

As the server is built by a group of hard-working builders and coders, adding in new places and attractions takes some time to do. Announcements regarding new rides and their opening dates are announced in the official Discord server.

What attractions and rides are currently closed/unavailable?

A list of currently closed attractions can be viewed on the Server Basics page.

When are Meet and Greets? When will the next one be?

Meet and Greets happen mostly at random; scheduled ones happen more frequently during events. More information is available on the Meet and Greets page.

Are there official tours of the server? When do tours start?

Tours are indeed hosted from time to time by cast members, should they choose to host one. While most of them are about the real-life parks and the history behind them, others with different topics crop up sometimes. They are at random, so your best bet is to keep an eye on the official Discord server, as upcoming tours are always announced there to help gather up a group for them.

When are the fireworks? Are there parades? What shows are there on the server?

The daily schedule for shows and entertainment on the server can be viewed on the Home Page; there is also a schedule list on the pages for Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

During most of the year, fireworks are available. Other shows, like the Dapper Dans or daily stage shows, may also be available. During certain seasonal events, they may also be themed to the season at hand, similar to how they are in the parks!

Of note: Fantasmic and World of Color are not in operation; parades are being worked on, so expect to see them in the future.

When is [X] Event? When will the server be updated for the season?

Halloween and Christmas overlays and decorations will be added to the server around their respective seasons, usually coinciding with the real-world park. For more specific dates, you can ask in the server or in the official Discord server.

A full list of events can be viewed on the Events page.

Do you still have [X] ride?

The only defunct attraction available on the main server is the PeopleMover; as long as the old PeopleMover track exists within the real-world park, the PeopleMover will continue to exist on the main server.

A whole "Retro" server exists to keep old rides in IF! This includes the Tower of Terror and some of a bug's land from DCA.

When Splash Mountain closes to make room for Tiana's Bayou Adventure, Splash will be relocated to the Retro server for safe keeping.

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