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If you're looking for a place away from the parks, why not get your own hotel room? Deck it out to your liking and display your items for everyone to see!

Hotel rooms on ImagineFun are a user-owned, custom space on the server, where you can get as creative as you'd like!* In your own room, you have access to a Build Mode similar to Minecraft Creative mode, where you can place down blocks and build it as you'd like. You can simply customize your hotel room or make something entirely different! It's all up to you with how you want to build.

Currently, the only hotel open is the Grand Californian, but more will be available in the future.

The following content is in Open Beta*. All information is tentative and subject to change.

Room Basics

Hotel rooms are free; to get one, talk to the Concierge NPC in the hotel lobby. This will open the Room menu (/room) for you; by clicking the leftmost option, you will create a hotel room! By clicking this option again, you will teleport to your room!

The starting, default room comes with complementary decorations – two beds, two night stands, and a couch which can be sat on. These items, as well as any you own, can be placed and rearranged at your own discretion. To place blocks, you will need to switch into "Build Mode".

Of note: each hotel room is its own "instance", meaning that you can only teleport in and out of them. There is no physical space where you can walk to and from another room, no hall that connects them all together. Each player is only allowed a single room at a time. You can only really be "neighbors" with other players in spirit, and can only share a room with other players by enabling edit permissions for them (see below for more info).

Room Settings

Within the Room menu are other settings which are helpful for maintaining your room.

Clicking the Bed icon will set the spawn point in your room, where all players will appear upon teleporting into your room. This can be combined with using Build Mode to do some cool stuff, such as making a platform or special room for players to appear on!

Clicking the Kingdom Coin icon will open the Upgrades menu, where you can purchase Upgrades to your room, such as size increases, additional floors, access to the balcony, and more! See below for more info.

Lastly, clicking the Redstone icon will open the Privacy Settings menu, where you can set your room privacy. By default, your room will be set to be public, but you can also set it to be visitable only by those on your Friends list, or completely private for you and only you.

Customizing Your Room

For customizing rooms, players have access to two different editing modes: "Build Mode", which allows players to play blocks, and "Place Mode", which allows players to place down items obtained from playing on the server.

Each player begins with a room that is 10 x 15 blocks in size. This can be increased by purchasing Expansion Upgrades, which cost Kingdom Coins. The walls and floors of a hotel room can be broken upon buying certain upgrades for your room. There is no way to replace the boundary walls and floors of a player's room, so for those looking to make them of different blocks, they will need to build across and on top of the existing walls and floors.

The ceiling, on the other hand, can be broken without purchasing any upgrades; you are able to build up to the height limit of the map as you please!

Build Mode

Build Mode provides limited access to Minecraft's Creative mode; you can press Q or use /buildmode to enter it. Similar to that, you can pick blocks out of a menu, Left Click to break blocks, and Right Click to place blocks. You also have access to flying by double-pressing Space Bar, to help with building!

Upon entering Build Mode, you will be provided with a blank inventory and a Super Breaker tool; this does not affect your actual inventory, and exiting Build Mode will return your items to you.

Some items, such as signs and redstone-related blocks, are disabled to avoid griefing and vandalism.

The Super Breaker tool is invaulable for breaking a lot of blocks all at once! You can Right Click while holding it to switch between 3x3x3, 5x5x5, 7x7x7, and 10x10x10 mode. Once you have a size selected, Left Click to break blocks!

If you attempt to break blocks out of your room's boundaries, a message will pop up in the chat box telling you that you cannot. You'll need to purchase Expansion Upgrades in order to give yourself more room to work with.

Place Mode

Place Mode allows you to put items you've obtained on the server in your room, to display them or incorporate them into your room design.

To place items, first be out of Build Mode. Hold the item you wish to place in your main hand and then use /place. This will start the placing process, providing additional controls in the chat. You can walk around with the item floating to find the best place to put it; the item will follow your mouse and stay in the center of your screen, no matter what.

Items can clip into blocks and other items, and you can clip through placed items, which can be used to various creative means!

You can interact with an already placed item to either adjust its position by using /edit or putting it back into your inventory by using /pickup This can be finicky depending on how it is placed into the room on the invisible armor stand it's fixed to; if you're having a hard time picking an item up, try looking at where the armor stand would be if it was visible.

Place Mode Controls

Expansion Upgrades

The following are Expansion Upgrades you can purchase for your room, which adds on additional space you can work with.

Dimension Upgrades

Dimension upgrades increases the width and length of your room. These upgrades require you to purchase them in order.

  1. Base Expansion – 10 x 15 blocks – Free
  2. Tier One – ? x ? blocks – 250 Coins
  3. Tier Two – 12 x 26 blocks? – 2,500 Coins
  4. Tier Three – 16 x 29 blocks? – 5,000 Coins
  5. Tier Four – 20 x 35 blocks? – 15,000 Coins
  6. Tier Five – 25 x 41 blocks? – 20,000 Coins
  7. Tier Six – 29 x 50 blocks? – 50,000 Coins

(able to go basically up to technical 48x50 and "beyond"..? perhaps by removing block related to the balcony expansion)

Floor Upgrades

Floor upgrades increases the height of your room. [base floor: Y93]

  1. Floor Two Expansion – [Y83] blocks tall – 100,000 Coins
  2. Floor Three Expansion – [Y83] blocks tall – 100,000 Coins
  3. Floor Four Expansion – [Y78] blocks tall – 100,000 Coins

Other Upgrades

The following upgrades adds on additional space to your room.

  1. Stairs Expansion – opens entrances to the stairwells; (requires all dimension upgrades)25,000 Coins
  2. Balcony Expansion – grants Build Mode permissions for the room balcony – 50,000 Coins

Hotel Commands

The following is a list of all known commands related to hotel rooms.


Enables Build Mode within a Hotel Room you have building permissions for.


Prompts the controls for your room in the chat box.

/move or /edit

Enters Place Mode with whatever placed item you are currently looking at.


Picks up and returns whatever placed item you are currently looking at to your inventory.


Enters Place Mode with whatever item you are currently holding.

/rotate <degrees>

Rotates an item you are in Place Mode with at a particular angle.


Opens the Hotel Room menu from anywhere.

/room members

Prompts a list of users who have Build Mode permissions for your Hotel Room in the chat room.


Opens the Hotel Rooms List Menu. Rooms display here for visiting if they are set to either Public or Friends in the Room Settings menu.

/visit <username>

Directly warp to another player's Hotel Room.

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