Quinn's Unofficial ImagineFun Super Guide to EverythingV. A-2.0
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Your IFone

Upon entering ImagineFun, one of the items you are given is an IFone, which is your gateway to the parks and the server's many features. Right Click when holding one to pull up the menu!

(Click on any button to skip to its section!)

If you do not have an IFone, you can purchase one from a Phone Seller in the Emporium on Main Street, U.S.A. Alternatively, you can use /phone to pull up the IFone menu whenever!


If you Left Click while holding your IFone, it will open the Customization menu! This allows you to purchase alternate skins and cases for your phone, as well as switching it out entirely for a MagicBand! MagicBands function the same as an IFone and have no additional/new features.

Phone Cases


(All MagicBand colors/types have a slim/Alex version.)




Your Bank is where all of your Kingdom Coins go to! You can manually withdraw Coins from the Bank to trade with other players if need be. All purchases done through NPC shops and the user marketplace are done through your bank account, so there's no need to withdraw any to make a transaction!

You can use the /bank command to open this menu.


Coming soon, you'll be able to visit the various hotels of the Disneyland Resort and create your own room within, as well as visit those made by other guests!


The user marketplace is your one-stop shop for seeking out specific items or selling stuff you don't want anymore!

You can use the /market command to open this menu.


The Quests menu is the gateway to all quests on the server, including Daily Objectives and the Weekly Challenge!

You can use the /quests command to open this menu.


The Rides menu allows you to view all attractions on ImagineFun! This list is split into three categories: Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure, and the Retro server.

You can use the /rides command to open this menu. You can also use the /warp command to directly teleport to specific rides/areas as you please, by using /warp <location>!


The Settings menu allows you to adjust a number of settings that affect your experience on ImagineFun. This includes toy and trail effects, Lightsaber death, chatbox settings, friend list settings, IF+ settings, and more.

You can use the /settings command to open this menu.


The Shop menu gives you direct connection to various shops across the server!

There are six categories of various item types; the last category, Featured Items, correlates to the land you're currently standing in! If you're in Fantasyland, you'll discover various Fantasyland-themed items in this category, and vice-versa for all the Disney park lands!

Not all items from shops across the server will be represented here; for more items, check out the NPC traders in the various lands of the park. You can view their stock on this site by going to a land's respective page, as well.

(Click on a shop to view its inventory!)


The Social menu is where a number of menus are held, related to how you play with other guests on the server.


In the Friends tab, you can view all other players you have added as friends, whether they're online or offline! To add another player as a friend, either right click on them to pull up their Profile, or do /friend <username> in the chat.


In the Party tab, you can view all players currently in the party you are in, if you are in one.


This Servers tab allows you to quickly jump between the main server and the Retro server.

Your Profile

Each player has their own Profile, which can be viewed by Right Clicking on them (or using /profile). Here, you can do certain things, such as request a direct trade, add them to a party, and more, all without using chat commands!

Each player can display up to nine of their favorite items in their Profile. To do this, click on the items you want to display while in your own Profile. This will not remove the items from your inventory.

More information can be discovered about a player by hovering over their avatar head! This includes their Favorite Attraction on the server, which is based on total ride time.


The Stats menu is where you can view all of your server stats, ranging from how many times you've ridden a certain ride, how many messages you've sent in chat, and more!


Your General stats are all related to the server at large, tracking playtime, the amount of commands you've used, how many crates you've opened, and more.


In the Rides stats menu, you're able to see each individual attraction on the server and a number of statistics related to it.

By hovering over a ride icon, you're able to see the amount of rides you've taken on a particular ride, as well as the amount of time you've spent in all on the ride.

Clicking on a ride icon will take you to the Leaderboards menu, where you can view the Weekly, Yearly, and Overall Leaderboards for that ride.


Your Storage or Locker is where you can safely keep your items when they aren't in your inventory.


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