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Golden Castle Mall

Warps: mall

Named after IF's previous currency, the Golden Castle Mall is home to many stores, restaurants, and entertainment complexes, acting as a sort of getaway from the Disneyland Resort. Come relax here, away from the glitz of the theme parks!

The Golden Castle Mall is a prime spot to AFK, as you receive double the Kingdom Coins for being online.


The Mall

Katie Cats and Stacy Shibes both have stalls in the mall, right next to the entrance. Also next to the entrance point is the IF Postal Service, where an NPC performs the same function that /redeem does.

A door next to the Delivery Collection stall only accepts Slide Tokens or Slide Passes; alternatively, you can use a Walle's Well Pass here to access Walle's Lounge.

Down the escalators is a Mickey-shaped fountain, with a Magic Crate at the center of it.

Mall Shops and Outlets

The Game Room (/w gameroom)

Past the fountain is a Warp Pipe tunnel that leads to the Game Room, themed to Super Mario, where various Parkour Maps are located. This includes the Cave, Mario, and Fall Guys maps.

While the Grand Californian is under construction, the Penthouse parkour map is available in Princess Peach's castle.

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