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Pins are fun themed collectibles that you can either wear on your person or collect! You can obtain pins from a Pin Pack, with most being tied to a certain Pin Series! Collect them all, or get just specific ones that have meaning to you!

To view all pins possible to obtain from Pin Packs, use /pins.

How Do Pins Work?

To obtain pins, you first should seek out a Pin Trader NPC, as they'll sell you Pin Packs. You can find them all around the parks, but some places you can go to for quick Pin Trader NPCs is the Emporium in Main Street, U.S.A., Westward Ho Pin Traders in Frontierland, and Star Trader in Tomorrowland.

Pin Traders do not sell individual pins but Pin Packs, which give you two random pins from the Series they belong to. If you're searching for a pin in particular, you can also search the user marketplace to buy one from another player.

Pins can be collected into your Pinbook for safe keeping! You can view this by either Right Clicking with a Pinbook item in hand, or by using /pinbook. You can Right Click to automatically send a pin to your Pinbook, or you can manually place it in, which is helpful if you're replacing a pin for another version of it. The Pinbook tracks how many pins of a Series you own, which is helpful for those looking to collect them all. Of note, any pins that are not tied to a Series (such as quest or event pins) cannot be placed in the Pinbook.

Pins can be worn on your avatar by holding them in your main or open hand. Right Clicking while holding a pin, even if it is in your off hand, will send it to your Pinbook, so keep that in mind.

If you have pins you don't want, you can resell them on the user marketplace, or trade them with the elusive Pinhoarder.

Pin Stats

Upon opening a Pin Pack, both pins will have a series of stats randomly applied to them! This can make them more unique or valuable!

Original Owner

When a pin's stats are generated, it also documents who it was who opened the Pin Pack in the first place. This way, when you trade with other players or put them on the marketplace, they'll know where who originally owned it!

Pin Rarity

A pin's Rarity affects it possible unboxing rate from Pin Packs. As such, Signature and Deluxe pins can be difficult to find compared to Common pins! Likewise, this also means that rarer pins will go for more on the marketplace.

Not all Pin Series have pins with higher rarities.

This is not the same as Pinhoarder's rarity system and prices. For information on that, click here.

Pin Condition

The Condition of a pin is meant to represent how it might physically look, between brand new and worn out. This does not reflect on the pin's in-game apperance and is only flavor text. Those really into pin collecting and trading try to collect a whole Series of Brand New Mint Condition pins! As such, the better the Condition, the higher price it may go for on the marketplace.

Well Kept is generally the most common Condition to find a pin in. Brand New Mind Condition is the rarest Condition. These rarities may differ between Pin Series.

Pin Series

A Pin Series is a set of various pins with a specific theme, usually Disney-related. However, some Series, such as the Animal Crossing or Avatar: The Last Airbender sets, are not unique to Disney properties!

List of Pin Series

The following are the various Pin Sets of which you can purchase Pin Packs for around the parks. Some pins are not a part of any sets, and cannot be placed in your Pinbook.

Pack Pricing

Each series is privvy to a color-based pricing system. The name of the Pin Series/Pin Pack will be in this color.

Pin Series

Series marked with [X] cannot be purchased from a Pin Trader NPC and can only be obtained during certain events or on the user marketplace.

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