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Goofy's Prize Box

Goofy's Prize Box (/goofysprizebox) is a one-time random-chance way of obtaining certain items, such as lightsaber Kyber Crystals, Loungefly Backpacks, and more.


There are currently six different options you can spin for in the Prize Box:

Clicking on an option in the menu will select it for spinning; there is currently no way to view a list of what is inside the item pool, but previews of items can be seen after clicking on an option. Clicking the large "Open" button will confirm your choice and spin for a random item!

You can obtain most items from Goofy's Prize Box feature on the Auction House, but prices may vary. Loungeflies cannot be sold on the market, however, so your best bet for obtaining them is trading with other players or grinding out pulls.

Obtainiable Items

Brickhead Figures

Collect your favorite character in LEGO form with these small figurines!

These are not shoulder pets, and can only be carried around like a standard item.

Disney Posters

Decorate your hotel room with posters of your favorite rides, movies, and shows!

Face Masks

Look sharp and stay safe with these Disney-themed face masks.

Loungefly Backpacks

Collectors rejoice! Carry up to three items in these cute, decorated backpacks.

Star Wars Droids

Obtain droids unique to the Prize Box that can't be found elsewhere.

Star Wars Lightsaber Kyber Crystal

Let the Force decide what color lightsaber you wield! Perhaps you'll get lucky and be awarded with the rarest crystal, the special Black Kyber Crystal...

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