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Ride System

What would a recreation of the Disneyland Resort be without its rides? On ImagineFun, you're able to ride all* attractions found in Disneyland and Disney California Adventure! Spinny rides, roller coasters, thrills and chills, the server's got it all!

How to Ride

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh's loading zone message.

Each attraction on ImagineFun has a loading station. At this loading station is an intended loading point where players must stand to spawn in vehicles to be boarded. Standing in this spot will begin a floating countdown; upon hitting 0, a ride vehicle will appear, which players can sit in by Right Clicking. Miss your chance to sit down? Not to worry! If you're standing in the radius of a ride vehicle, you may be automatically picked up and seated if there's an open seat.

If you're having issues sitting down, use the /help command or ask in chat.

Some attractions feature Constant Loading, meaning there is no need to spawn in a vehicle. These include rides like the Disneyland Railroad or Chip 'N' Dale's Gadget Coaster, which feature board-as-they-come vehicles.

Some attractions feature auto-loading vehicles, such as Dumbo the Flying Elephant and Storybook Land Canal Boats, where you simply stand next to a vehicle to get inside. Other show-like attractions, like Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, don't have any vehicles at all.

Once you are sitting down on a ride, you cannot get out of the vehicle until the ride comes to a stop, at which point you will be auto-ejected out. You can, however, warp away or use /stuck mid-ride to go elsewhere or directly to the loading station.

When on a ride, you can press Space Bar to enable or disable Forced Ride Perspective. This feature sets the camera relative to the ride vehicle; if you look left of your vehicle, you will always be looking left of your vehicle, no matter what!

Each time you ride a ride, a completion message will print out in the chat. This includes information such as ride payout and the number of times you have ridden it weekly, yearly, and overall.

Attraction Features

Some rides have additional features. These include:

A ride and its in-game Photopass display. You can find these at the exits of some attractions.
Rides with Photopass capture an image of all riders at a key point on the attraction! You can view these photos through an internet browser and share them as you'd like.

For more information on the Photopass feature, visit the Photopass page.
Taking an Indiana Jones Fastpass to the Return machine at the head of the queue!
Rides with Fastpass allow you to skip through the line and get straight to the action, just like in real life!

To use this, you must first acquire a Fastpass ticket from a Fastpass Station, often located near the ride or queue entrance. Once you have one, use the ticket on a Fastpass Return machine, usually found at the start of the queue, and you will be teleported to the loading platform!

Alternatively, if you have IF+, you can use your IFone or a MagicBand as a Fastpass ticket!
Certain rides may have different interactable features, such as spinning a vehicle or firing a blaster. Information on each ride's interactable features will be detailed on their description and notes.
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is one of the many rides that have Closed Captions.
Closed Captioning
Rides with Closed Captioning will print out dialogue and audio cues into the chat box on time with the ride's audio, for those who can't listen to the server audio for whatever reason! This feature required it to be enabled in the Settings menu in your IFone.

Ride Payout

Payout Calculator Available: Ride Payout Calculator

When you ride an attraction, you're given Kingdom Coins in return. The amount you get from each ride is depending on a number of factors.

The base payout for each attraction is tied to the duration of the attraction. For every minute spent on a ride, you will be awarded one Coin; this rounds down, rather than up, so a ride that's 2:40 in length will pay out 2 Coins, rather than 3. The exception to this is an attraction that is under a minute long; the minimum payout is 1 Coins, rather than 0.

From there, your payout can be increased with the use of Multipliers. This ranges from your rank multiplier to limited time multipliers, or even multipliers you activate yourself. Multipliers stack off each other additively – a D23 member riding the Weekly attraction will have the base total multiplied by x2.75.

For information on how best to grind out rides for Coins and some additional math, check out my tips for money making on the server.

Ride Statistics

Ride statistics are tracked on the server, which you can view by using /ridestats. Each ride also has its own leaderboards, where the top Weekly, Yearly, and Overall Top Riders are displayed for guests to see!

Once you hit a certain ride count milestone, you will be awarded an Achievement! Many members on the server like to celebrate milestones like a hundred or a thousand rides on one particular attraction.

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