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The following is a huge list of all player commands for ImagineFun! If you're looking for something specific, you've come to the right place! You can use your browser's search function to find things quickly if need be.

If a command has some kind of requirement, such as a specific rank, it will be noted. Similarly, pictures and further description may be provided on certain commands as needed.

This list is a WIP; please mind any missing info!


Displays an 8-ball response in the chatbox, to help answer your burning questions!


Prompts a link in the chatbox for applying to become staff on ImagineFun!
Prompts a link in the chatbox for to the ImagineFun audio client! Requires an internet browser to use.
/autographs (alt: /autographs)
Opens the Autographs menu without requiring an autograph book.
Turns on the autopilot function for Autopia for automatic steering! Only works on Autopia.


/balance (alt: /bal)
Prompts your Kingdom Coin bank balance in the chat box.
Opens the Balloons menu, where you can choose which ballon you want to carry with you as you walk around the server! Balloons only last for a limited time; higher ranks give access to different balloon types.
Makes your avatar wildly flail their arms around!
Opens the Buy Store menu, which provides links to the ImagineFun store for purchasing various items/bundles.


/casino (alt: /games)
Opens the Casino menu, where you can play Rock, Paper, Scissors and Coin Flip!
Remove's an item's durability bar, if it has one.
/cancelquest (alt: /cq)
Cancels your current quest. Note: canceling the quest will reset all progress!
/coinflip (alt: /cf)
Opens the Coin Flip lobby menu.
Makes your avatar cry. Requires at least DVC to use.


Allows you to deposit Kingdom Coins currently in your inventory into your bank. You can also crouch and Right Click while holding them to skip the confirmation window.
Prompts a link in the chatbox for the official ImagineFun Discord server!
/dropitems (alt: /di)
Enables the ability to drop items on the ground, to prevent accidental item dropping; this lasts for twenty seconds.
Warp directly to the DVC-exclusive server.


Opens the Edit Profile menu, which allows you to add your favorite items to your Profile.
/enderchest (alt: /ec)
Opens the Main Street Locker menu; this is a free storage option separate from /lockers!
Prompts a list of all chat emoji available in the server! You can use these in chat by typing :emoji_name:! Requires at least DVC to use.


Opens the Faction menu. You can change your Star Wars faction after two weeks have passed since you previously set it. You must be in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge to use this command.
/find <username>
Locates a particular player and tells you what IF server they're currently playing on, or if they're offline!




/help <question>
Attempts to help you with your respective question; if the Help Desk cannot help you, a staff member will be alerted to your request and will be there shortly to help you out!
Quickly warps you back to the Hub.


/ignore <username>
/invsee <username>
Allows you to view another player's inventory, usually for cases of indentifying items within or if a player is having an inventory sale. This inventory is not interactible, nobody can steal your items using this.


/joindate (alt: /jd)
Prompts the date and time you first joined the ImagineFun server in the chatbox!


Prompts a list in the chatbox of how many Vote or Magic Keys are currently in your possession!


/lockers (alt: /storage, /pvault)
Opens the Lockers menu; lockers must be purchased with Kingdom Coins or obtained through higher server ranks.


/msg <username> <message> (alt: /pm <username> <message >)
Allows you to privately message another user, away from the prying eyes of other players!
/multipliers (alt: /multi)
Opens the Multipliers menu, to display the Weekly Multiplier and your Rank Mulitplier, or to manage your Ride Multipliers.


/nick <nickname>
Allows you to set an in-game display nickname for yourself. This displays in chat and in the players list; the name that hovers over your head will continue to be your username. Nicknames must be manually approved by staff members and must be rule appropriate. Requires at least D23 to use.




/pay <username> <amount>
Send a certain amount of Kingdom Coins to a specified player!
Opens the Parkour Maps menu.
Opens the Photopass menu, where you can manage your on-ride photos. Requires an internet browser to view the photos.
Opens the IFone menu without requiring an IFone.
Opens the Pin Info menu, allowing you to view all possible pins from all pin sets. This is not a list of pins you own.
Opens the Pinbook menu to view and manage your owned pins, without requiring a pinbook.
/profile (alt: /myprofile)
Opens your Profile menu.
Opens the Pronouns menu, which you can use to set your pronouns for everyone to call you by! You can see a player's pronouns by hovering over their name in the chat box.
/ptime <time>
Sets a Player Time only you can view – you can use general times of day (day, midnight) or specific times (9am, 4:30pm, 22:50, 10216ticks); reset can be used to change the time back to the current server time. Adding a @ symbol before the time will fix it, so that time does not pass. Using the command with no time will display the current in-game time for yourself and if it matches the server. Requires at least Passholder to use.
/pweather <weather>
Sets a Player Weather only you can view – options include clear, sun, and storm; reset can be used to change the weather back to normal. Using the command with no time will display the current in-game weather for yourself and if it matches the server. Requires at least Passholder to use.


/quests (alt: /q)
Opens the Quests menu.


/reply <message> (alt: /r <message>)
Auto reply to the last person to privately message you, without needing to type the other player's username.
Creates a giveaway raffle for an item, for other players to enter and possibly win! (Untested.) Requires IF+ to use.
Quickly warps you to a new server instance, in case there's something wrong with your current one.
Quickly warps you to a random ride in either Disneyland or Disney California Adventure! Helpful for indecisive or bored people.
Opens the Ranks menu, where you can view all possible purchasable ranks you can obtain on the server and their various perks!
/realname <nickname>
Displays the username of a player who uses a nickname. Helpful for trying to send messages to other players who have a nickname set.
Displays what time the IF servers reboot at, adjusted to your timezone.
Opens the Redeem menu, where you can retrieve any items purchased from the Buy Store.
/report <username> <report reason>
Sends a report message to staff about a specific user. Should only be used to report players breaking server rules.
Opens the Rides menu, which contains a list of all attractions available on ImagineFun.
/roulette (alt: /rou)
Opens the Roulette menu.
Forces Minecraft to download the ImagineFun resource pack, which is required to play on the server! Click here for help regarding issues with this.
Opens the Rock, Paper, Scissors menu, where you can play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with another player!


Prompts the daily show schedule in the chatbox.
/scoreboard (alt: /sb)
Displays or hides the scoreboard sidebar on your screen.
Opens the Servers menu, which allows you to hop between the various servers on ImagineFun! Includes the Retro server and the DVC-exclusive server.

If you append disney to the end, you'll open up the menu for choosing which server instance you want to be on!
Allows you to set a personal spawn point anywhere on the server! Requires IF+ to use.
Opens the Shops menu.
/shout <message>
Same something for A L L   T O   H E A R, even players on other servers. You can shout once every three hours. Requires IF+ to use.
Allows your avatar to take a seat and rest your feet! Requires at least Passholder to use.
Opens the Speed menu, allowing you to adjust your permanent movement speed. Requires at least DVC to use.
Prompts a list of all staff members currently online in the chatbox.


Opens the Titles menu, where you can change your user title! This title displays when you roll your mouse over a player's name in the chatbox. Higher ranks give access to different titles.
/tpa <username>
Sends a request to another player, asking if they are okay with you teleporting to them.
/trade <username>
Sends a trade request to another player.
Opens the Trails menu, where you can change your avatar's trail! Higher ranks give access to different trails; you can also get more trails by purchasing them from the User Marketplace or getting them through the Magic Crate.
/trashcan (alt: /trash)
Opens the Trash menu without needing to Right Click on a trash can. Beware what you put into the Trash menu; once it closes, you lose those items forever!




Prompts a list of Minecraft server ranking websites in the chatbox, where you can vote for the IF server in exchange for Vote Crate keys.


/warp (alt: /w)
Opens the Warp menu, displaying attractions, shops, and NPCs you can quickly warp to with the click of your mouse. You can append a specific location to the end of the code (/w potc) to warp there without the use of the menu!








[item name]
Displays the name of the item you're holding in your main hand in the chat! Requires Passholder or higher to use.
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