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Miscellaneous Features

The following features are miscellaneous features on IF that I didn't feel like they warranted full pages. If they expand in the future to function differently, they might end up getting their own pages on the site! For now, here's some extra stuff you're able to do on the server.

Balloons (/balloons)

Want to carry a balloon around like you would in the real life parks? Use /balloons and pick a design of your liking! Be careful though, balloons will pop if you sit down or get on a ride!

All players can use the Balloons function; the higher your rank on the server, though, the more types of balloons you gain access to.

Ptime and Pweather

Ptime and Pweather give you control over the time and weather in game! This only affects you; other players will not see the time of day or weather pattern you pick out for yourself. You must have Passholder or higher to use these commands.

Ptime can be set through a few formats: general time of day (day, night, midnight); hour (10AM, 2PM, 11PM); specific time (11:58PM, 2:30PM, 7:59AM); or tick milliseconds (303600ticks, 74520ticks, 9999ticks). If you append a @ to it (@10AM), it will fix the time in place, and the day/night cycle will not occur, which can be very helpful for taking pictures on the server!

Pweather is similar, but only has two options: sun and storm.

You can use /ptime reset or /pweather reset to cancel out of your set time or weather pattern; you can also use /ptime or /pweather to check what your time or weather is currently set to!


Want to express yourself through something besides text? Use emotes/emoji to do just that! You must have DVC to use emotes.

You can display emoji in the chatbox by using :emoji_name:. Not sure what the code is for a certain emote? Use /emotes to view the full list!

Not all emoji are available for use on ImagineFun; those with... less than family friendly connotations/secondary meanings aren't included in the list of emotes.

Those with IF+ can also set an emote to display next to their name in the chat box with /setdisplayemoji!


For display in the chat when you hover over someone's name are various titles. You can gain titles through different means, including increasing your server rank, buying from the Buy Store, and more!

This list of titles is a work in progress. Am I missing something here? Let me know!

Title How to Obtain
401st Legion Star Wars Month bundle
Big Spender Buy Store Rewards Level 1
Bounty Hunter Star Wars Month bundle
Certified Plaid Unobtainable
Character Handler Unobtainable
Cleanup Crew Unobtainable
Clone Force 99 Star Wars Month bundle
Costuming Department Unobtainable
Court of Angels Club 33?
Disnerd Default
Duck Lover Default
Droid Depot Mechanic Star Wars Month bundle
DVC+ (discontinued?)
DVC+ Crew Active IF+ subscription
DVC+ Member Active IF+ subscription
Glitch Squad ?
Grand Moff Star Wars Month bundle
Guest Relations Expert Unobtainable
Haunted Butler Unobtainable
High Roller Buy Store Rewards Level ?
Hollywood Tower Hotel Bellhop Unobtainable
I'm Nobody Star Wars Month bundle
ImagineFunder Buy Store Rewards Level ?
Imperial Officer Star Wars Month bundle
International House of Gamers Default
IRL Annual Passholder Default
IRL DVC Member Default
Jedi Master ?
Jungle Cruise Skipper Unobtainable
Key Lover Buy Store Rewards Level ?
Klaud Fan Star Wars Month bundle
Matterhorn Mountain Climber Unobtainable
Nametag Savior (discontinued)
Official Character Unobtainable
Ohnaka Transport Solutions Employee Unobtainable
Party Train ?
Patron Buy Store Rewards Level ?
Patron + Buy Store Rewards Level ?
Pizza Planet Revolutionist ?
Planet Destroyer ?
Return Customer Buy Store Rewards Level 2
RIP #suggestions-discussion (discontinued)
Sacul Egroeg Star Wars Month bundle
Shibe Lover Default
Sith Apprentice ?
Sith Lord Star Wars Month bundle
Small World Sweeper ?
Super Supporter Buy Store Rewards Level 3


The wardrobe feature allows you to store skins which you can switch between on the fly without having to log out of the server! You must have IF+ to use this command.

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