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A fun, optional way of receiving Kingdom Coins and other items is through Magic, Vote, and Loot Crates! The first two require the use of special "key" items to open, whereas the latter will spawn at random around the parks for you to make use of.

To view your key inventory, use /keys.

Magic Crate

The Magic Crate is a randomized item crate that you can open if you own a Magic Key. From inside, you can recieve a number of goodies, such as rare items and Kingdom Coins. One is located in The Hub and the Esplanade, to your right. Additional Magic Crates can be found in other places, such as the Golden Castle Mall or the various VIP Lounges.

You can preview the items being given out by the Magic Crate and the chance of getting said item by Left Clicking on it; Right Click to open the crate and chance your luck!

Items are sporadically switched in and out of the Magic Crate; often, these items may be themed to ongoing seasonal events.

Magic Keys are most commonly obtained through purchasing them through the Buy Store, in bundles of 1, 3, 5, and 10. Keys can also be purchased from Moe Keys for 7,000 Coins. There is also a very, very low chance you can get one through the Vote Crate!

Vote Crate

The Vote Crate is very similar to the Magic Crate, containing items that you can randomly win by opening them. You can find it at The Hub or the Esplanade, to your left.

Unlike the Magic Crate, however, it requires Vote Keys to open, which you can obtain by voting on Minecraft server listings for ImagineFun. To get a list of sites that have a Vote Key reward for voting, use /vote. Once you have a site opened, plug in your Minecraft username, a vote score if required, and hit submit. You should automatically recieve a Key in your game, as well as a Multiplier!

You can preview the items being given out by the Vote Crate and the chance of getting said item by Left Clicking on it; Right Click to open the crate and chance your luck!

Items are sporadically switched in and out of the Vote Crate; often, these items may be themed to ongoing seasonal events.

The following are the links for the voting sites, if you'd prefer to bookmark them! You are able to vote while not online if it makes it easier for you. (Thanks to SquarishTulip94 for this information)

  1. MinecraftServers.org (resets at 5:00 PM IF time)
  2. Minecraft-mp.com (resets at 9:00 PM IF time)
  3. Minecraft Server List (resets at 4:00 PM IF time)
  4. Minecraft-Server.net (resets at 5:00 PM IF time)
  5. TopG (resets 12 hours after last vote)
  6. Best Minecraft Servers (resets 24 hours after last vote)
  7. Servers-Minecraft.net (resets at 9:00 PM IF time)

Loot Crate

Loot Crates are far different than the two found at spawn. Rather than being something you interact with and get random items out of, they appear at random places in the parks and require you to collect what they drop!

They drop items that are obtainable in various shops around the parks, as well as copious amounts of Kingdom Coins. During seasonal events, Loot Crates will also drop Event Tokens.

A notification will appear hourly in chat to announce the location of a new Loot Crate, providing the closest warp and more specific coordinates it appears. As this is a server-wide message to all players on that server, multiple people may show up to try and collect as much as they can!

Currently, Loot Crates are disabled in ImagineFun.

A (WIP) list of known spawning locations for the Loot Crate is as follows:

Closest SpawnWarpExact Coordinates
Alice in Wonderland /w alice -134, 695
Alien Pizza Planet /w pizza -332, 336
Astro Orbitor /w orbitor -156, 396
Avengers Campus /w avengers 83, -658
Avengers Campus /w avengers 41, -685
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad /w btm 243, 564
Cars Land /w cars 98, -772
The Carthay Circle /w carthay 22, -530
The Carthay Circle /w carthay 51, -596
Casey Jr. Circus Train /w casey 205, 746
Castle Courtyard /w castle -94, 577
City Hall /w cityhall 60, 57
Creature Stall /w creature 522, 901
Creature Stall /w creature 544, 890
Disney California Adventure /w dca -32, -289
Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities /w den 447, 992
Eureka Gold Mine /w eureka 328, -725
Fillmore's Taste In /w fillmore -80, -808
Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage /w nemo -337, 495
Flo's V8 Cafe /w flos -12, -923
Frontierland /w frontier 112, 405
Frontierland Shootin' Exposition /w shooting 185, 445
Galaxy's Edge /w ge 317, 680
Galaxy's Edge /w ge 354, 842
Games of the Boardwalk /w games 527, -1067
Golden Horseshoe /w goldenhorseshoe 240, 410
Golden Horseshoe /w goldenhorseshoe 285, 383
Golden Zephyr /w zephyr 491, -836
Goofy's Sky School /w goofy 621, -828
Grizzly Peak Airfield /w grizzly 86, -517
Grizzly River Run /w grr 338, -552
Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission BREAKOUT! /w gotg -352, -654
Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe /w jollyholiday 82, 365
Jungle Cruise /w jc 210, 281
Haunted Mansion /w hm 509, 236
Hyperion Theater /w hyperion -308, -530
Hyperion Theater /w hyperion -395, -606
Incredicoaster /w ic 337, -1098
Indiana Jones Adventure /w indy 264, 263
Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind /w io 616, -979
The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Undersea Adventure /w ariel 417, -888
Lube-O-Rama /w lube -81, 973
Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters /w luigi 417, -888
Main Street, U.S.A. /w msusa 3, 42
Mark Twain Riverboat /w mark 255, 443
Matterhorn Bobsleds /w matterhorn -271, 727
Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run /w falcon 417, 992
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride /w toad -35, 707
New Orleans Square /w nos 377, 246
New Orleans Square /w nos 428, 256
Oga's Cantina /w cantina 380, 1023
Paradise Gardens Park /w gardens 15, -172
Park Entrance /w entrance 15, -172
PeopleMover /w pm -303, 438
PeopleMover /w pm -258, 389
Pioneer Mecantile /w pioneer 151, 400
Pirates of the Caribbean /w potc 342, 245
Pixar Pal-a-Round /w palaround 555, -1050
Plaza Point /w plazapoint -34, 281
Pym Test Kitchen /w pym -206, -709.5
Radiator Springs Racers /w rsr 2, -991
Rushin' River Outfitters /w rushin 273, -621
Rushin' River Outfitters /w rushin 399, -640
Sarge's Surplus Hut /w sarge 39, -840
Schmoozies! /w schmoozies -197, -517
Silly Symphony Swings /w swings 650, -928
Sleeping Beauty Castle /w castle -53, 489
Sleeping Beauty Castle /w castle 3.5, 482.5
Snow White's Enchanted Wish /w snowwhite 3, 627
Space Mountain /w space -324, 302
Star Wars Photo Ops /w photoops 420, 847
Star Wars: Launch Bay /w launchbay -354, 386
Storybook Land Canal Boats /w storybook -110, 755
Starcade /w starcade -306, 279
Storage Shop /w storage 95, -116
Storybook Land Canal Boats /w canal -110, 755
Web Suppliers /w suppliers -11, -717
Westward Ho Pin Traders /w westward 130, 427
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